Six eggs,

Granulated sugar, nine ounces,

Flour, four ounces,

Potato meal, two ounces,

Taste of lemon peel.

Stir for at least half an hour the yolks of the eggs with the sugar and

a tablespoonful only of the flour and meal, using a ladle. Beat the

whites of the eggs until they are quite firm, mix slowly with the first

mixture and when they are well incorporated pour over from a sieve the

flour and the potato meal, previously dried in the sun or on the fire.

Bake in a tin where the mixture comes about one inch and a half thick,

previously greasing the tin with cold butter and sprinkle with powdered

sugar mixed with flour.

In these cakes with beaten whites the following method can also be

followed: mix and stir first the yolks with the sugar, then put the

flour then, after a good kneading, beat the whites until they are firm,

pour two tablespoonfuls to soften the mixture, then the rest little by