The white meat of one chicken
1/2 pint of soft white bread crumbs
1/2 cupful of milk
1 teaspoonful of salt
1 saltspoonful of white pepper
The whites of five eggs
Put the raw meat of the chicken twice through the meat chopper, then put
it in a mortar and pound it to a paste, or work it in a bowl with a wooden
spoon. Boil the bread and milk, stirring constantly; when this is cold, add
the salt, pepper and four tablespoonf
ls of cream; work it gradually into
the chicken meat. This must be a perfectly smooth paste. Add the unbeaten
whites of two eggs; when they are thoroughly incorporated, fold in the well
beaten whites of the three eggs. Put at once into an oiled Charlotte mold
or into small timbale molds.
The molds may be garnished with mushrooms, or chopped truffles, or peas.
Stand them in a pan of hot water, cover with oiled paper and cook in the
oven, small molds twenty-five minutes, a large mold thirty-five. Serve hot,
with cream mushroom sauce.
This quantity in small molds should serve twelve people; in a large mold,