Cremona Cake

Ingredients: Ground rice, ground maize, sugar, one orange, eggs, salt,

cream, Maraschino, almonds, preserved cherries.

Weigh three eggs, and take equal quantities of castor sugar, butter,

ground rice and maize (the last two together); make a light paste with

them, but only use one whole egg and the yolks of the two others, add

the scraped peel of an orange and a pinch of salt. Roll this paste out

to the t
ickness of a five-shilling piece, colour it with the yolk of an

egg and bake it in a cake tin in a hot oven until it is a good colour,

then take it out and cut it into four equal circular pieces. Have ready

some well-whipped cream and flavour it with Maraschino, put a thick

layer of this on one of the rounds of pastry, then cover it with: the

next round, on which also put a layer of cream, and so on until you

come to the last round, which forms the top of the cake. Then split

some almonds and colour them in the oven, cover the top of the cake with

icing sugar flavoured with orange, and decorate the top with the almonds

and preserved cherries.