Crisp Biscuits

(Biscotti croccanti)

One pound of flour.

Half a pound granulated sugar.

1/4 lb. sweet almonds, whole and shelled, mixed to a few pine-seeds.

A piece of butter, one and a half ounce.

A pinch of anise-seeds.

Five eggs.

A pinch of salt.

Leave back the almonds and pine-seeds to add them afterward, and mix

everything with four eggs, so as to use the fifth if it is necessary to

make a soft dough. Divide into four cakes half an inch thick and as

large as a hand, place them in a receptacle greased with butter and

sprinkled with flour. Glaze the cakes with yolk of eggs. Bake in the

oven, but only as much as will still permit cutting the cakes into

slices, which you will do the day after, as the crust will then be

softened. Put the slices back in the oven, so that they will be toasted

on both sides and you will have the crisp biscuits.