Croquettes Of Salsify And Celeriac

Two roots of salsify and one large celeriac. Wash and scrape them well.

Cut in pieces and cover with vinegar and water and let them stand one

hour--this will prevent them from turning dark. Pour off the vinegar and

water and nearly cover them with boiling water, cook until very tender,

mash fine and smooth, season with pepper and salt, and a few drops of

onion juice, put in a saucepan over the fire, and add a tablespoonful of

butter, two tablespoonfuls of milk, and just before removing from the

fire add a tablespoonful of cream and one egg, stir well, turn out into

a bowl and set aside to cool. When cold make into croquettes, dip in egg

and cracker crumbs and fry in a basket in boiling oil.