Croutons Alla Principesca

Ingredients: Croutons, tongue, sweetbread, truffles, fowl or game,

Velute sauce, stock, eggs, butter.

Fry a bit of bread in butter till it is a light brown colour, then

cut it into heart-shaped pieces. Prepare a ragout with bits of

tongue, sweetbread, fowl or game, truffles, two or three spoonsful of

well-reduced Velute sauce (No. 2), and two or three of reduced gravy.

Put a spoonful of the ragout in each crouton, and over it a layer of

fowl forcemeat half an inch thick; trim the edges neatly, glaze them

with the yolk of eggs beaten up, and put them in a buttered fireproof

dish in the oven for twenty minutes. Then glaze them with reduced stock

and serve hot.

For a maigre dish use fish for the ragout and forcemeat.