Indian Curry Of Vegetables

Equal quantities of cauliflower and potatoes, raw. The cauliflower cut

into flowerettes and the potatoes into dice. Put them into a spider

with a heaping tablespoonful of butter, a rounded teaspoonful of curry

powder, and let them simmer for a few minutes without taking color. Then

add two tablespoonfuls of tomatoes, an even teaspoonful of grated onion

and one of chopped green pepper, fill up the spider with boiling water,

and set it back on the stove where it will stew gently until the

vegetables are tender and the water has been reduced to one-third the

quantity. It should be as thick as ordinary gravy; if not, add a scant

teaspoonful of flour. Just before it is done stir in a heaping

tablespoonful of butter. Turn it into a shallow vegetable dish and serve

very hot. The spider should be kept covered while the curry is cooking.

It is very good without the green pepper. This may be warmed over, and

is better the second day than the first.