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fruit. Nice white sugar does not need clarifying. All kinds of

fire-proof ware will do to preserve in, excepting iron ware. The fruit

should not be crowded while preserving, and should boil gently. The

fruit should be turned out of the preserving kettles as soon as done,

and set away in a cool place, otherwise they will not be nice. Keep the

sweetmeats in stone or china jars, that have never been used for other

purposes. Glass jars are the best for delicate sweetmeats, such as

strawberries or cherries. Preserves should be covered tight, and kept in

a cool place. A paper wet in brandy, and laid over the sweetmeats, has a

tendency to keep them from fermenting. They should be looked to

frequently, to see that they do not ferment. Whenever they do, the syrup

should be turned from them, scalded, and turned back on them while hot.