Cod, skate, thornback, salmon, soles, eels, perch, carp, tench,

flounders, prawns, lobsters, crabs, shrimps, cockles, muscles, oysters,

smelts, whiting.

Game and Poultry.

Hares, pheasants, partridges, wild ducks, widgeon, teal, capons,

pullets, fowls, chickens, squab-pigeons, tame rabbits, woodcocks,

snipes, larks, blackbirds, and wood-pigeons.


Portugal grapes, the Kentish russet, golden French kirton, Dutch

pippins, nonpareils, pearmains, russetting apples, and all sorts of

winter pears.

Roots and Vegetables.

Many sorts of cabbages, savoys, sprouts, and greens, parsnips, carrots,

turnips, potatoes, celery, endive, cabbage-lettuces, leeks, onions,

horseradish, small salad under glasses, sweet herbs, and parsley, green

and white brocoli, beet-root, beet-leaves and tops, forced asparagus,

cucumbers in hotbeds, French beans and peas in the hothouse.