Turbot, trout, mackerel, mullet, salmon, salmon trout, soles, smelts,

eels, lobsters, crabs, crawfish, prawns, and shrimps.

Game and Poultry.

Spring fowls, and chickens, geese, ducks, turkey poults, young wild and

tame rabbits, pigeons, leverets, and wheatears.


Pineapples, currants, gooseberries, scarlet strawberries, hautboys,

several sorts of cherries, apricots, and green codlings.

Roots and Vegetables.

Young carrots, early potatoes, young turnips, peas, garden beans,

cauliflowers, summer cabbages, spinach, coss, cabbage, and Silesia

lettuces, French beans, cucumbers, asparagus, mushrooms, purslain,

radishes, turnip-radishes, horseradish, and onions.