"I never give a _kiss_," says Prue,

"To naughty man, for I abhor it."

She will not give a _kiss_, 'tis true,

She'll take one, though, and thank you for it.


One pound of the best loaf sugar, powdered and sifted, the whites of

four eggs, twelve drops of essence of lemon, a teacup of currant jelly.

Beat the whites of four eggs till they stand
lone. Then beat in

gradually the sugar, a teaspoonful at a time. Add the essence of lemon,

and beat the whole very hard. Lay a wet sheet of paper on the bottom of

a square tin pan. Drop on it at equal distances a small teaspoonful of

currant jelly. With a large spoon, pile some of the beaten white of eggs

and sugar on each lump of jelly, so as to cover it entirely. Drop on the

mixture as evenly as possible, so as to make the kisses of a round

smooth shape. Set them in a cool oven, and as soon as they are colored,

they are done. Then take them out, and place two bottoms together. Lay

them lightly on a sieve, and dry them in a cool oven, till the two

bottoms stick fast together, so as to form one oval or ball.