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Liver Loaf

(The Italian Cook Book)

(Pane di fegato)

Cut about one pound of veal liver in thin slices and four chicken livers

in two parts and put all this in a saucepan with rosemary and a piece of

butter. When this is melted put in another piece and season with salt

and pepper. After four or five minutes at a live fire, remove the liver

(dry) and grind it together with the rosemary. In the gravy that remains

in the saucepan put a big crumb of bread, cut into small pieces and make

a paste that will also be ground with the liver. Then rub everything

through a sieve, add one whole egg and two yolks and a pinch of grated

cheese, diluting with brown stock or water. Finally put in a smooth mold

with a sheet of paper in the bottom, all evenly greased with butter and

cook in a double boiler. Remove from the mold when cool and serve cold,

with gelatine.

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