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(General Remarks.) - (The Jewish Manual)

Take one pound of tender roasted meat, two pounds of shred suet, three
pounds of currants, six chopped apples, a quarter of a loaf grated,
nutmegs, cloves, pepper, salt, one pound of sugar, grated lemon and
orange peel, lemon juice, and two wine glasses of brandy, the same of
white wine, and two ounces of citron, and the same of candied lemon
peel; mix all well together; the ingredients ought to be added
separately. Minced meat should be kept a day or two before using. The
same proportions, as above, without meat, will be very good; a little
port wine is sometimes substituted for the brandy.

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Minced Meat Patties

Prepare the mince according to No. 9. Make a piecrust, not too rich.

Roll out paste, cut out in circles about three inches in diameter. Put

in each of these circles a tablespoonful of the curried mince, and turn

over, pressing the edges closely together. Fry or bake.

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