Morella Cherries To Preserve In Brandy

Take two pounds of morella cherries, when not too ripe, but finely

coloured, weighed with their stalks and stones. Put a quart of water and

twelve ounces of double-refined sugar into a preserving-pan, and set it

over a clear charcoal fire. Let it boil a quarter of an hour; skim it

clean, and set it by till cold. Then take away the stalks and stones,

and, when the syrup is quite cold, put the stoned cherries into the

up, set them over a gentle fire, and let them barely simmer till

their skins begin to rise. Take them from the fire; pour them into a

basin; cut a piece of paper round of the size of the basin; lay it close

upon the cherries while hot, and let them stand so till next day. Set a

hair sieve in a pan, and pour the cherries into it; let them drain till

the syrup is all drained out: boil the syrup till reduced to two-thirds,

and set it aside till cold. Put your cherries into a glass jar; put to

them a spoonful of their own syrup and one of brandy, and continue to do

so till the jar is filled within two inches of the top: then put over it

a wet bladder, and a piece of leather over that; tie it down close, and

keep it in a warm place.

If you do not mind the stones, merely cut off the stalks of the