Your infant _peas_ to asparagus prefer;

Which to the supper you may best defer.


Young green peas, well dressed, are among the most delicious delicacies

of the vegetable kingdom. They must be young. It is equally

indispensable that they be fresh gathered, and cooked as soon as they

are shelled, for they soon lose both their color and sweetness. After

being shelled
wash them, drain them in a cullender, put them on, in

plenty of boiling water, with a teaspoonful of salt; boil them till they

become tender, which, if young, will be less than half an hour; if old,

they will require more than an hour. Drain them in a cullender, and put

them into a dish, with a slice of fresh butter in it. Some people think

it an improvement to boil a small bunch of mint with the peas; it is

then minced finely, and laid in small heaps at the end or sides of the

dish. If peas are allowed to stand in the water, after being boiled,

they lose their color.