Peas With Onion Sauce

(Piselli alla francese)

The following recipe is good for one of fresh peas. Take two young

onions, cut them in half, put some stems of parsley in the middle and

tie them. Then put them into the fire with a piece of butter and when

they are browned, pour over a cup of soup stock. Make it boil and when

the onions are softened rub them through a sieve together with the gravy

that you will then put on the fir
with the peas and two whole hearts of

lettuce. Season with salt and pepper and let it simmer. When the peas

are half cooked add another piece of butter dipped in a scant

tablespoonful of flour and pour in some broth, if necessary. Before

sending to the table put in two yolks of eggs dissolved in a little



The following recipe is simpler than the preceding, but not so delicate.

Cut an onion in very thin slices and put it on the fire in a saucepan

with a little butter. When it is well browned add a pinch of flour, mix

and then add according to the quantity, a cup or two of soup stock or

water with bouillon cubes and allow the flour to cook. Put in the peas,

season with salt and pepper and add, when they are half cooked, one or

two whole hearts of lettuce. Let it simmer, seeing that the gravy is not

too thick.

Before serving remove the lettuce.