Pheasant A L'italienne

Cut the liver small: and to one bird take but six oysters; parboil them,

and put them into a stewpan with the liver, a piece of butter, some

parsley, green onions, pepper and salt, sweet-herbs, and a little

allspice; let them stand a little over the fire, and stuff the pheasant

with them; then put it into a stewpan, with some oil, green onions,

sweet basil, parsley, and lemon juice, for a few minutes; take them off,

er your pheasant with slices of bacon, and put it upon a spit, tying

some paper round it while roasting. Then take some oysters, and stew

them in their own liquor a little, and put in your stewpan four yolks of

eggs, half a lemon cut in dice, a little beaten pepper, scraped nutmeg,

parsley cut small, an anchovy cut small, a rocambole, a little oil, a

small glass of white wine, a little of ham cullis; put the sauce over

the fire to thicken, then put in the oysters, and make the sauce

relishing, and, when the pheasant is done, lay it in the dish, and pour

the sauce over it.