Pheasant With White Sauce

Truss the bird with the legs inward, (like a fowl for boiling); singe it

well; take a little butter and the fat of some bacon, and fry the

pheasant white; when sufficiently firm, take it out of the pan; then put

a spoonful of flour into the butter; fry this flour white; next add a

pint of veal or game jelly; put in a few mushrooms, if pickled to be

well washed; cut small a bunch of parsley, a large onion, a little

thyme, one clove, a pinch of salt, cayenne pepper, and a small lump of

sugar; stew the bird in this sauce till done; this may be known by

putting a fork into the flesh, and seeing that no blood issues out; then

skim off the fat and drain the pheasant; then strain and boil the gravy

in which it has been stewed; have ready a few mushrooms fried white in

butter; then thicken the gravy with the yolk of four eggs and two

table-spoonfuls of cream, throw in the mushrooms, place the pheasant in

a hot dish, pour the sauce over it, and serve it up.