Take out the inwards, and stuff the pigeons with a dressing prepared

like that for turkeys, lay them in a pot with the breast side down. Turn

in more than enough water to cover them. When stewed nearly tender, put

in a quarter of a pound of butter to every dozen of pigeons--mix two or

three tea spoonsful of flour, with a little water, and stir into the

gravy. If you wish to brown them, put on a heated bake pan lid, an hour

before they are done, or else take them up when tender, and fry them in

pork fat. They are very good split open and stewed, with a dressing made

and warmed up separately with a little of the gravy. Tender pigeons are

good stuffed and roasted. It takes about two hours to cook tender

pigeons, and three hours tough ones. Roast pigeons should be buttered

when put to the fire.