Pigeons En Compote No 1

The pigeons must be young and white, and the inside entirely taken out.

Let none of the heart or liver remain, which is apt to render them

bitter. Make some forcemeat of veal, and fill the pigeons with it; then

put them in a braise, with some bacon, a slice of lemon, a little thyme,

and bay-leaf, and let them stew gently for an hour. The sauce is made of

cucumbers and mushrooms, and they must be sweated in a little butter

till tender; then strain it off the butter, and put in some strong gravy

and a little flour to thicken it. Lastly, add the yolks of two eggs and

a little good cream, which, when put to it, must be well stirred, and

not suffered to boil, as it would curdle and spoil the sauce.