Pigeons To Stew No 1

Truss your pigeons as for boiling. Take pepper, salt, cloves, mace, some

sweet-herbs, a little grated bread, and the liver of the birds chopped

very fine; roll these up in a bit of butter, put it in the stomach of

the pigeons, and tie up both ends. Make some butter hot in your stewpan,

fry the pigeons in it till they are brown all over, putting to them two

or three blades of mace, a few peppercorns, and one shalot. Take them

out of the liquor, dust a little flour into the stewpan, shaking it

about till it is brown. Have ready a quart of small gravy and a glass of

white wine; let it just boil up: strain out all the spice, and put the

gravy and pigeons into the stewpan. Let them simmer over the fire two

hours; put in some pickled mushrooms, a little lemon juice, a spoonful

of ketchup, a few truffles and morels. Dish and send to table with bits

of bacon grilled. Some persons add forcemeat balls, but they are very

rich without.