Pig's Head To Roll

Take the belly-piece and head of pork, rub it well with saltpetre and a

very little salt; let it lie three or four days; wash it clean; then

boil the head tender, and take off all the meat with the ears, which cut

in pieces. Have ready four neats' feet, also well boiled; take out the

bones, cut the meat in thin slices, mix it with the head, and lay it

with the belly-piece: roll it up tight, and bind it up, and set it on

one end, with a trencher upon it; set it within the tin, and place a

heavy weight upon that, and let it stand all night. In the morning take

it out, and bind it with a fillet; put it in some salt and water, which

must be changed every four or five days. When sliced, it looks like

brawn. It is also good dipped in butter and fried, and eaten with melted

butter, mustard, and vinegar: for that purpose the slices should be only

about three inches square.