Pike German Way Of Dressing Delicious!

Take a pike of moderate size; when well washed and cleansed, split it

down the back, close to the bone, in two flat pieces. Set it over the

fire in a stewpan with salt and water; half boil it. Take it out; scale

it; put it into the stewpan again, with a very little water, and some

mushrooms, truffles, and morels, an equal quantity, cut small; add a

bunch of sweet herbs. Let it stew very gently, closely covered, over a

very slow fire, or the fish will break; when it is almost done, take out

the herbs, put in a cupful of capers, chopped small, three anchovies

split and shred fine, a piece of butter rolled in flour, and a

table-spoonful of grated Parmesan cheese. Pour in a pint of white wine,

and cover the stewpan quite close. When the ingredients are mixed, and

the fish quite done, lay it in a warm dish, and pour the sauce over it.