Pike In Court Bouillon

Scale and well wash your pike; lay it in a pan; pour vinegar and salt

over it; let it lie for an hour, then take it out, season with pepper, a

little salt, sweet herbs, cloves, and a bay leaf, with a piece of

butter. Wrap it up in a napkin, and put it into a stewpan, with some

white wine, a lemon sliced, a little verjuice, nutmeg, cloves, and a bay

leaf. Let this liquor boil very fast; put in the pike, and when done lay

it on a warm dish, and strain the liquor into a saucepan; add to it an

anchovy washed and boned, a few capers, a little water, and a piece of

butter rolled in flour: let these simmer till of proper thickness, and

pour them over the fish.