There was a man in Ghent who loved mushrooms, but he could only eat them
done in this fashion. If you said, "Monsieur, will you have them tossed
in butter?" he would roar out, "No--do you take me for a Prussian? Let me
have them properly cooked."
Melt in a pan a lump of butter the size of a tangerine orange and squeeze
on it the juice of half a lemon. The way to get a great deal of juice
from a lemon is to plunge it first of all for a few minutes, say five
> minutes, in boiling water. When the butter simmers, throw in a pound of
picked small mushrooms, stir them constantly, do not let them get black.
Then in three or four minutes they are well impregnated with butter, and
the chief difficulty of the dish is over. Put the saucepan further on the
fire, let it boil for a few minutes. Take out the mushrooms, drain them,
sprinkle them with flour, moisten them with gravy, season with salt and
pepper, put them back in the butter and stir in the yolk of an egg. Add
also a little of the lemon juice that remains. While you are doing this
you must get another person to cut and toast some bread and to butter it.
Pour on to the bread the mushrooms (which are fit for the greatest saints
to eat on Fridays), and serve them very hot.