Potato Omelet

3 medium potatoes

1 large spoon butter

1/2 tablespoon lard

5 eggs

1/2 onion minced

season to taste

Scrape the potatoes into cold water to keep from discoloring. Put butter

and lard in skillet, and brown carefully, add potato squeezed out of the

water also onion, cook slowly and then beat the eggs and add.

When done on one side put a plate over the skillet and turn the omelet,

now slip in the pan and brown the other side. Serve at once.

"Well, Marie" said Jiggles after the town election

"for whom did you vote this morning?"

"I crossed off the names of all the candidates,"

returned Mrs. Jiggles, "and wrote out my

principles on the back of my ballot. This is no

time to consider individuals and their little

personal ambitions."--New York Times.

Northampton, Mass.

Dec. 22, 1914.