Raised Pork Pie Recipe

Take a pound of meat, fat and lean, from the chump end of a fine

fore-loin of pork, cut it into neat dice, mix a tablespoonful of water

with it, and season with a large teaspoonful of salt and a small one of

black pepper. To make the crust, boil a quarter of a pound of lard or

clarified dripping in a gill and a half of water, and pour it hot on to

one pound of flour, to which a good pinch of salt has been added. Mix

into a stiff paste, pinch off enough of it to make the lid, and keep it

hot. Flour your board and work the paste into a ball, then with the

knuckles of your right hand press a hole in the centre, and mould the

paste into a round or oval shape, taking care to keep it a proper

thickness. Having put in the meat, join the lid to the pie, which raise

lightly with both hands so as to keep it a good high shape, cut round

the edge with a sharp knife, and make the trimmings into leaves to

ornament the lid; and having placed these on, with a rose in the centre,

put the pie on a floured baking-sheet and brush it over with yolk of


The crust of the pie should be cool and set before putting it into the

oven, which should be a moderate heat. When the gravy boils out the pie

is done. An hour and a half will bake a pie of this size. Make a little

gravy with the bones and trimmings of the pork, and to half-a-pint of it

add a quarter of an ounce of Nelson's Gelatine, and nicely season with

pepper and salt. When the pie is cold remove the rose from the top, make

a little hole, insert a small funnel, and pour in as much gravy as the

pie will hold. Replace the rose on the top, and put the pie on a dish

with a cut paper.

If preferred, the pie can be made in a tin mould; but the crust is nicer

raised by the hand. A great point to observe is to begin moulding the

crust whilst it is hot, and to get it finished as quickly as possible.



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