Take two pigeons, two cabbages, four slices of fried bacon, an ounce of
butter, a large wineglassful of sherry, and some gravy. Truss your
pigeons and cook them in butter for ten minutes in a fireproof dish. Then
take them out, cut them into neat pieces. Meanwhile have the cabbages
boiled in salted water. Drain them. Cut them in small pieces and roll
some up in each slice of bacon; lay the pigeons on top, pouring over them
the liquor they were cooked in and half the wine. Put all in the oven for
ten minutes--pour in the rest of the wine and leave for another ten
minutes before serving. If you have stock to add to this it is an
improvement, or put half a teaspoonful of meat extract to half a pint of
[_Une refugiee_.]