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Rice Blanc Mange

(Desserts.) - (My Recipes Tried And True)

One half pound ground rice, one quart of milk, three ounces of sugar,

the rind of half a lemon, one half teaspoonful of vanilla. Boil the rice

in the milk for twenty minutes with the sugar and rind of lemon, then

remove the rind and add the vanilla. Put it into a wet mould.

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Rice Blanc Mange

Boil a tea-cup of rice in a pint of water, with a blade of mace, and a

tea-spoonful of salt. When it swells out and becomes dry, add sufficient

milk to prevent its burning. Let it boil till quite soft, stirring it

constantly to keep it from burning--sweeten it with white sugar. Dip

your moulds in cold water, then turn in the rice, without drying the

moulds. Let the rice remain in the moulds till it becomes quite cold.

Turn it into dessert dishes, ornament it with marmalade cut in slices,

and box and serve it up with cream or preserved strawberries. It should

be made the day before it is to be eaten, in order to have it become


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