Philadelphia cream cheese, chives. Cut chives into small pieces with

scissors. Mix into the cheese and spread on rye bread.

* * * * *

One-half pound boiled ham, two dill pickles, one teaspoonful mustard.

Grind ham and pickles in a meat chopper, mix in mustard, and spread on

white or rye bread.

* * * * *

Ten cents' worth peanuts, one cup mayonnaise. Grind peanuts in a meat

chopper and mix with dressing. Spread on white bread, with a lettuce

leaf in each sandwich.

* * * * *

One cake Eagle cheese, one ten-cent can pimentos. Mix half of this

quantity at a time. Grind or chop the pimentos very fine, mix well with

cheese, and spread on rye bread.

* * * * *

One can sardines, one-half cup mayonnaise. Mash sardines in a bowl, mix

with dressing, add salt, pepper and a little lemon juice. Spread on rye

or white bread.