2 cups granulated sugar.
3 eggs (not separated, but added one at a time to the sugar
and shortening which had been creamed together).
1 scant cup butter and lard, mixed.
2 teaspoonfuls baking powder.
Pinch of salt
1 tablespoonful sweet milk.
Grated rind of 2 lemons and juice of one.
Stiffen the dough with about 3-1/2 cups flour and use about 1 extra
cup of flour to dredge the bake-board when rolling out dough and for
sifting ove
the greased baking sheets so the cakes will come off
readily. Roll dough very thin and cut in any desired shape. From this
recipe may be made 100 small cakes. The baking sheet (for which I gave
measurements in bread recipe) holds 20 of these small round cakes. Do
all young housewives know that if dough for small cakes be mixed the
day before baking and stood in a cool place, the cakes can be cut out
more easily and the dough may be rolled thinner, and as less flour may
then be used, the cakes will be richer?
Aunt Sarah always cut these cakes with a small round or heart-shaped
cutter and when all were on the baking sheet she either placed a half
of an English walnut meat in the centre of each cake or cut out the
centre of each small cake with the top of a pepper box lid before
baking them.