Soffiato Di Cappone Fowl Souffle

Ingredients: Fowl, Bechamel, stock, semolina flour, potatoes, salt,

eggs, butter, smoked tongue or ham.

Prepare a puree of fowl or turkey and a small quantity of grated tongue

or ham, and whilst you are pounding the meat add some good gravy or

stock. Then make a Bechamel sauce (No. 3) and add two table-spoonsful

of semolina flour, a boiled potato and salt to taste, boil it up and add

the puree of fowl, then let it get nearly cold, add yolks of eggs and

the white beaten up into a snow. (For one pint of the puree use the

yolks of three eggs.) Pour the whole into a buttered souffle case, and

half an hour before serving put it in a moderate oven and serve hot. You

can use game instead of fowl, and serve in little souffle cases.