Soft-boiled Custard

Put a quart of rich milk in a double boiler over the fire with a third

of a vanilla bean, split in half, and sugar to taste. Beat the whites of

six eggs to a stiff froth, add three heaping teaspoonfuls of granulated

sugar, and when the milk comes to the boiling point drop the whites of

eggs into it by tablespoonfuls in egg-shape, turn them over in the hot

milk for a few seconds, repeat until all are done, drain them and return

the milk to the saucepan. Beat the six egg yolks to a light cream, turn

the hot milk over it gradually and pour the custard back into the

boiler; return to the fire and stir vigorously until it thickens and is

smooth to the taste. Remove from the fire, pour at once into a bowl, add

a little salt, and set aside to cool. Then put on the ice and at serving

time turn into a glass bowl, arrange the whites of eggs on top and serve

with sponge cake.