Soles To Boil A-la-francaise

Put a quart of water and half a pint of vinegar into an earthen dish;

skin and clean a pair of soles; put them into vinegar and water, let

them remain there for two hours. Dry them with a cloth, and put them

into a stewpan, with a pint of wine, a quarter of a pint of water, a

little sweet marjoram, a very little thyme, an onion stuck with four

cloves, and winter savory. Sprinkle a very little bay salt, covering

them close. Let them simmer gently till they are done; then take them

out, and lay them in a warm dish before the fire. Put into the liquor,

after it is strained, a piece of butter rolled in flour; let it boil

till of a proper thickness; lay your soles in the dish, and pour the

sauce over them.

A small turbot or any flat fish may be done the same way.