Soup Of Cappelletti

This Soup is called of "Cappelletti" or "little hats" on account of

the shape of the "Cappelletti".

First a thin sheet of paste is made according to the following


The best and most tender paste is made simply of eggs, flour and salt,

water may be substituted for part of the eggs, for economy, or when a

less rich paste is needed. Allow about a cup of flour to an egg. Put the

flour on a bread board, make a hollow in the middle and break in the

egg. Use any extra whites that are on hand. Knead it thoroughly, adding

more flour if necessary, until you have a paste you can roll out. Roll

it as thin as an eighth of an inch. A long rolling pin is necessary, but

any stick, well scrubbed and sand papered, will serve in lieu of the

long Italian rolling pin.

Cut from this sheet of paste rounds measuring about three inches in

diameter. In the middle of each circle place a spoonful of filling that

must be made beforehand, composed of cooked meat (chicken, pork or veal)

ground very fine and seasoned with grated cheese, grated lemon peel,

nutmeg, allspice, salt. The ground meat is to be mixed with an equal

amount of curds or cottage cheese.

When the filling is placed in the circle of paste, fold the latter over

and moisten the edge of the paste with the finger dipped in water to

make it stay securely closed.

These cappelletti should be cooked in chicken or beef broth until the

paste is tender, and served with this broth as a soup.