Soup Without Meat

Take two quarts of water, a little pepper, salt, and Jamaica pepper, a

blade of mace, ten or twelve cloves, three or four onions, a crust of

bread, and a bunch of sweet herbs; boil all these well. Take the white

of two or three heads of endive, chopped, but not too small. Put three

quarters of a pound of butter in a stewpan that will be large enough to

hold all your liquor. Set it on a quick fire till it becomes very brown;

then put a little of your liquor to prevent its turning, or oiling;

shake in as much flour as will make it rather thick; then put in the

endive and an onion shred small, stirring it well. Strain all your

liquor, and put it to the butter and herbs; let it stew over a slow fire

almost an hour. Dry a French roll, and let it remain in it till it is

soaked through, and lay it in your dish with the soup. You may make this

soup with asparagus, celery, or green peas, but they must be boiled

before you put them to the burnt butter.