Southern Manner Of Boiling Rice

Pick over the rice, rinse it in cold water a number of times, to get it

perfectly clean; drain off the water, then put it in a pot of boiling

water, with a little salt. Allow as much as a quart of water to a

tea-cup of rice, as it absorbs the water very much while boiling. Boil

it seventeen minutes; then turn the water off very close; set the pot

over a few coals, and let it steam fifteen minutes with the lid of the

pot off. The beauty of rice boiled in this way, is, that each kernel

stands out by itself, while it is quite tender. Great care is necessary

to be used in the time of boiling and steaming it, as a few moments

variation in the time, makes a great deal of difference in the looks of

it. The water should boil hard when the rice is put in, and not suffered

to stop boiling, till turned off to have the rice steamed. The water

that the rice is boiled in, makes good starch for muslin, if boiled a

few minutes by itself.