To Preserve Citrons

Take the largest Malaga Citrons, cut them in four Quarters, scrape

the Rind a little, but not all the Yellow off; cut out all the Meat;

lay them in Water all Night; then boil them very tender, and lay

them in Water another Night; then drain them very well, and to three

Pound of Citron take four Pound of fine Sugar and two Quarts of

Water; make the Sugar and Water just warm, put in the Citron, boil

it half an Hour, and set it by 'till the next Day; then boil it

'till it is very clear, and put in a Pound more of Sugar, just wet

with Water, boiling it fast 'till it is melted: Put in the Juice of

four Lemmons, and put it up in large Pots.