From MRS. JAMES R. DEANE, of California, Lady Manager.
This is a very simple, attractive and palatable dish for a luncheon
table and may be used either warm or cold. Yours, cordially,
Ingredients for one dozen: One-quarter pound macaroni; one pound filet
of veal; one ounce butter; one ounce flour; one gill of white stock or
milk; three eggs; pepper; salt, and a little cayenne to taste. Chop
the veal and then pass it twice through a sausage cutter or mincing
/> machine. Cook the butter and flour together for about ten minutes;
then add the milk or stock; then turn on a plate to cool; then add the
minced veal; then add the seasoning; break the eggs in one by one;
stir well. Boil the macaroni in salt and water until soft; drain it
well and cut into rings about one-quarter inch long; have some small
cups shaped like egg-cups; grease the sides slightly and place in the
bottom of each cup a circular piece of cold boiled ham, fitting
closely. Then arrange the macaroni on the sides, the open part to the
side of the cup; then fill each cup with the chopped veal; cover with
a greased paper and steam for twenty minutes. If eaten warm, use any
gravy that may be used with veal. Will keep for two or three days.