Aunt Sarah made these to perfection and called them "Pebble Dash" pie.
They are not really pies, they resemble cakes, but having a crust we
will class them with pies. She lined three small sized pie-tins with
rich pie crust. For the crumbs she placed in a bowl 3 cups of flour, 1
cup brown sugar and 3/4 cup of butter and lard, mixed and rubbed all
together with the hands, not smooth, but in small rivels. For the
liquid part she used 1 cup baking molasses, 1 cup hot water, 1
teaspoonful baking soda dissolved in a few drops of vinegar and
stirred this into the molasses and water. She divided the liquid among
the three pans, putting one-third in each crust, over which she
sprinkled the crumbs. Bake one-half hour in a moderate oven. These
have the appearance of molasses cakes when baked.