Melt two tablets of chocolate (Menier) in a dessert-spoonful of water
over heat, stirring till the chocolate is well wetted and very thick.
Then prepare some feculina flour in the following way: Take for five or
six persons nearly a pint of milk. Sweeten it well with sugar; take two
dessert-spoonfuls of feculina. Boil the sweetened milk, flavoring it with
a few drops of vanilla essence. When it is boiled, take it from the fire,
and let it get cold, mixing in the flour by adding it slowly so as not to
make lumps. Put it back on a brisk fire and stir till it thickens; add
then the melted chocolate, and when that is gently stirred in take off
your pan, and again let it get cold. At the moment of cooking the
soufflé, add three whites of eggs beaten stiff. Butter a deep fireproof
dish, and pour in the mixture, only filling up half of the dish. Cook in
the oven for fifteen minutes in a gentle heat, and serve immediately. A
tablet of Chocolat Menier is a recognized weight.
[_Gabrielle Janssens_.]

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