Take a very fat goose for this purpose. After cleaning and singeing, cut
off neck, wings and feet. Lay the goose on a table, back up, take a
sharp knife, make a cut from the neck down to the tai. Begin again at
the top near the neck, take off the skin, holding it in your left hand,
your knife in your right hand, after all the skin is removed, place it
in cold water; separate the breast from back and cut off joints. Have
ready in a plate a mixture of salt, ginger and a little garlic or onion,
cut up fine. Rub the joints and small pieces with this, and make a small
incision in each leg and four in the breast. Put in each incision a
small piece of garlic or onion, and rub also with a prepared mixture of
salt and ginger. Put away in stone jar overnight or until you wish to

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