Butter a dish, place in a layer of cold cooked fish, sprinkle with bread
crumbs, parsley, salt, butter and pepper; repeat. Cover with white
sauce, using one tablespoon of flour to two tablespoons of butter and
one cup of milk. Sprinkle top with buttered bread crumbs and bake.
These sauces are made by combining butter and flour and thinning with
water or other liquid. A sauce should never be thickened by adding a
mixture of flour and water, as in that case the flour is seldom well
cooked; or by adding flour alone, as this way is certain to cause lumps.
The flour should be allowed to cook before the liquid is added.
All sauces containing butter and milk should be cooked in a double
If so desired, any neutral oil--that is, vegetable or nut oil--may be
substituted for the butter called for in the recipe.
Care in preparation of a sauce is of as much importance as is the
preparation of the dish the sauce garnishes.

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