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Twenty-five Cent Dinners For Families Of Six


A La Mode Beef
Apple Black Caps
Apple Cakes
Apple Dumplings
Apple Snow
Bacon And Apple Roly-poly
Baked Apple Dumplings
Baked Beans
Baked Heart
Baked Indian Pudding
Baked Peas
Barley Water
Bean Soup
Beans And Bacon
Beef Broth
Beef Pie
Beer For Nursing Women
Beverages And Drinks
Blanquette Of Veal
Boiled Indian Pudding
Boiled Mutton
Boiled Rice
Boiling And Stewing
Brain And Liver Pudding
Bread Made With Baking Powder
Bread Pudding
Breakfast Rolls
Broiled Kidneys
Candied Cherries
Caraway Cake
Celery Salt
Cheap Fish Dinners
Cheap Meats
Cheese Pudding
Cherry Cheese
Chicken Broth
Chicken Gravy
Cocoa And Chocolate
Codfish Steaks
Cold Compote Of Pears
College Puddings
Compote Of Damsons
Compote Of Gooseberries
Compote Of Mixed Fruit
Compote Of Strawberries
Cream Rice Pudding
Cream Sauce
Cream Soup
Cup Custards
Currant Salad
Dried Celery And Parsley
Dried Herbs
Epigramme Of Lamb
Fish And Potato Pie
Fish And Potato Pudding
Fish Chowder
Fish Pudding
Fish Soup
Forcemeat For Veal Or Poultry
Forcemeat Or Stuffing
Fried Beans
Fried Chicken
Fried Lentils
Fruit Dumpling
Fruit Juice
Fruit Tarts
Frying Batter
Game Birds
Gammon Dumpling
German Potatoes
Good Pudding Pies And Cakes
Gooseberry Cheese
Gooseberry Fool
Grape Jelly
Great Sunday Dinners
Green Gage Compote
Half-pay Pudding
Homemade Bread
Homemade Bread Intro
Iced Currants
Iced Raspberries
Importance Of Peas Beans And Lentils
Indian Bread
Indian Cakes
Irish Stew
Johnny Cake
Kidney Pudding
Learn How To Cook Season And Measure
Lemon And Orange Tincture
Lemon Dumplings
Lemon Snow
Lentil Soup
Lentils Boiled Plain
Lime Water
Liver Polenta
Macaroni Farmers' Style
Macaroni Milanaise Style
Macaroni With Broth
Macaroni With Cheese
Macaroni With Tomato Sauce
Macaroni With White Sauce
Maize Or Indian Corn Meal
Meat Brewis
Meat Patties
Melon Compote
Mutton Rechauffee Prepare And Boil One Quart Of Potatoes Cost
Mutton And Onions
Mutton Broth
Mutton Kromeskys
New York Cooking School Fricassee
Norfolk Dumplings
Oatmeal And Peas
Onion Soup
Orange And Apple Compote
Orange Salad
Oxtail Stew
Pea Soup
Peach Salad
Peas And Bacon
Peas And Onions
Pickled Shad
Pig's Kidneys May Be Cooked In The Same Manner And Enough Can Be Bought
Pine Apple Julep
Plain Frying Batter
Pork And Onions
Pork Chops
Pork Pie
Potato Bread
Pulled Bread
Quince Cakes
Quince Snow
Rabbit Curry
Rabbit Pie
Raspberry Salad
Red Herrings With Potatoes
Rice Bread
Rice Cakes
Rice Croquettes
Rice Japanese Style
Rice Milanaise Style
Rice Milk
Rice Panada
Roast Fowl
Roast Pork And Apples
Roast Veal
Roasting Or Baking
Rock Cakes
Salt And Smoked Meats
Scotch Broth Without Meat
Seasoning Food
Sheep's Haslet
Sheeps' Head Stew
Soft Gingerbread
Spice Salt
Spinach Soup
Stewed Beans
Stewed Figs
Stewed Kidneys And Potatoes
Stewed Lentils
Stewed Prunelles
Stewed Sausage
Strawberry Drops
Stuffed Dates
Suet Dumplings
Sweet Biscuits
Swiss Pudding
Table Sauce
Tea Biscuit
Thick Pea Soup
Tomato Sauce
Tripe Curry And Rice
Vanilla Tincture
Veal And Ham Patties
Veal And Rice
Veal Broth
Vegetable Porridge
Vegetable Soup
What Meat Should Look Like
White Broth
Fowl Cut It In Neat Joints Fry It Quickly In One Ounce Of Sweet
Is Nutritious And Savory Baked Pig's Head
Pounds Cost Three Shillings As Directed In The Receipt For Roast

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