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Below you will find featured recipes. The selection of the featured recipes has a random part and part based on user rankings. At times you may need need an idea for something to cook, use this section to get a quick recipe ideas.

Stewed Beans

(Peas, Beans, Lentils, And Maize.), (Twenty-five Cent Dinners For Families Of Six)
Soak a pint of dried beans, (cost six cents,) over night in cold water; put them to boil in a quart of cold water with one ounce of drippings, a level tablespoonful of salt, and quarter of a teaspoonful of pepper, and boil them gently for two hours. Then drain them, put them into a sauce pan with one ounce of butter and a tablespoonful of chopped par

Oysters Ragout Of

(Fish.), (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)
Twenty-five oysters, half a table-spoonful of soy, double the quantity of vinegar, a piece of butter, and a little pepper, salt, and flour.

Dressing For Meats And Poultry

(Miscellaneous.), (Cloud City Cook-book)
ESPECIALLY FOR TURKEYS. One-half loaf baker's bread dried and soaked in cold water; squeeze the bread well with the hands until all the water is out. Smother a small onion in a large piece of butter, but do not brown it; add this to the bread, also one pound chopped veal, one-half pound tender pork, grated half nutmeg, pepper, salt, chopped parsley,

To Cook Various Kinds Of Beans

(Practical Cookery.), (The Most Valuable And Original Receipts)
French beans should have the strings taken off--if old, the edges should be cut off, and the beans cut through the middle. Boil them with a little salt, from twenty-five to forty minutes, according to their age. A little saleratus boiled with them preserves their green color, and makes them more healthy. Salt and butter them when taken up. Lima beans

"bairische Dampfnudeln"

(German), (Pennsylvania Germans)
These delicious Bavarian steamed dumplings are made in this manner: 1 cake of Fleischman's compressed yeast was dissolved in a cup of lukewarm milk, sift 1 pint of flour into a bowl, add 1 teaspoonful of sugar and 1 teaspoonful of salt. Mix the flour with another cup of lukewarm milk, 1 egg and the dissolved yeast cake and milk (two cups of milk were used al

Tomato Soup. Mrs. R. H. Johnson.

(Soup.), (Recipes Tried And True)
Take half a can, or six large fresh tomatoes; stew until you can pass through a course sieve. Rub one tablespoonful of butter to a cream with one tablespoonful flour or corn starch. Have ready a pint scalded milk, into which stir one-half saltspoon soda. Put the strained tomato into the soup pot; add the butter and flour, after having heated them to almos

Stewed Fish

(Fish.), (The Art Of Living In Australia)
2 Fish--9d. 1/2 pint Stock 1 blade of Mace 2 Cloves 1/2 oz. Flour--1/2d. 2 tablespoonful Ketchup 1 Onion--1d. 1 Egg--1d. Bread Crumbs 1 doz. Peppercorns--1/2d. Total Cost--1s. Time--One Hour and a Quarter Fillet the fish and fry them in egg and bread crumbs; slice and fry the onion, lay this and the fish in a tin dish. Cover with stoc

Chocolate Icing (original)

(Icings For Cakes.), (My Recipes Tried And True)
MRS. E. A. PFEIFFER. One cup granulated sugar, two squares of chocolate, boil till thick (do not stir) then turn into beaten white of one egg. BOILED ICING. One cup granulated sugar, boiled till it threads, then turned into the beaten whites of two eggs, and whip till cold.

Barley Soup

(Soups.), (The Golden Age Cook Book)
Put a quarter of a cup of well washed barley with a bay leaf and a small blade of mace into a pint and a half of cold water, boil slowly for three hours. Take out the bay leaf and mace and add a small onion cut fine, two French carrots cut in dice, and cook until tender, then add a pint of milk, a good heaping tablespoonful of butter, salt and pepper

No. 54. Naselli Con Piselli (whiting)

(Sauces), (The Cook's Decameron: A Study In Taste For Italian Dishes)
Ingredients: Whiting, onions, parsley, peas, tomatoes, butter, Parmesan, Bechamel sauce. Cut a big whiting into two or three pieces and fry them slightly in butter, add a small bit of onion, a teaspoonful of chopped parsley and fry for a few minutes more. Then add some peas which have been cooked in salted water, three tablespoonsful of Bechamel sauce (No.

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