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Below you will find featured recipes. The selection of the featured recipes has a random part and part based on user rankings. At times you may need need an idea for something to cook, use this section to get a quick recipe ideas.


(Pastry Cakes), (Seventy-five Receipts For Pastry Cakes, And Sweetmeats)
Slice the tomatas. Put them in layers into a deep earthen pan, and sprinkle every layer with salt. Let them stand in this state for twelve hours. Then put them over the fire in a preserving kettle, and simmer them till they are quite soft. Pour them into a linen bag, and squeeze the juice from them. Season the liquor to your taste, with grated horse-radish,

Cherry Pie, No. 1

(Pies And Pastry), (The International Jewish Cook Book)
Line a pie-plate with rich paste, sprinkle cornstarch lightly over the bottom crust and fill with cherries and regulate the quantity of sugar you scatter over them by their sweetness. Bake with an upper crust, secure the edges well by pinching firmly together. Eat cold.

Stuffed Cabbage

(), (The Italian Cook Book)
(Cavolo ripieno) Take a big cabbage, remove the hard outside leaves, cut the stem off even with the leaves and give it half cooking in salt water. Put it upside down to drain, then open the leaves one by one until the heart is exposed and on this put the stuffing. Bring up all the leaves, close them and tie with thread crosswise. The stuffing ca

Mutton Broth

(Soup.), (Twenty-five Cent Dinners For Families Of Six)
Put two pounds of a jointed neck of mutton, (cost twelve cents,) in two and a half quarts of cold water, and let it boil slowly; skim it carefully, season it with a level tablespoonful of salt, half a teaspoonful of pepper, and the same of sweet herbs; then add one quart of yellow turnips, peeled and quartered, (cost three cents,) and four ounces of

One Egg Cake

(Cakes), (The International Jewish Cook Book)
Cream one-fourth cup of butter with one-half cup of sugar, add sugar gradually, and one egg, well-beaten. Mix and sift one and one-half cups of flour and two and one-half teaspoons of baking-powder, add the sifted flour alternately with one-half cup of milk to the first mixture; flavor with vanilla or lemon. Bake thirty minutes in a shallow pan. Spread with

Orange Marmalade Sandwiches

(Sweet Sandwiches), (Sandwiches)
These sandwiches may be made precisely the same as fig sandwiches, substituting the orange marmalade for the figs.

Veal With Gravy

(), (The Italian Cook Book)
(Vitella in guazzetto) First take about one pound of veal and tie it well. Then cover the bottom of the saucepan with some thin slices of corned beef and a piece of butter. Over this place half a lemon cut in four thin slices from which the skin and the seeds must be removed. Over all this put the veal which must be well browned on all sides, but c

An Inexpensive "white Fruit Cake"

(German), (Pennsylvania Germans)
3 cups sugar. 3 eggs. 1 lb. seeded raisins. 1 cup milk. 1 cup butter. 1 lb. currants. 1 lb. chopped almonds. Flavor with almond extract. 4 cups flour sifted with 2 teaspoonfuls of Royal baking powder. 1/2 lb. figs. 1/4 lb. citron. Beat to a cream sugar, butter and yolks of eggs. Then add milk and flour alternately and fruit and almonds. Lastly, add stiffly b

Picnic Sandwiches

(Sandwiches), (Sandwiches)
Take the ordinary French rolls; make a round opening in the top of each, and then, with your finger, scoop out all the crumb, leaving the roll in shape with a very small opening on top. Save the little piece of crust from the top of the opening. Mix together four olives, one gherkin, a tablespoonful of capers and one large green, sweet pepper, choppe

13 Clam Pie No 2

(April.), (365 Luncheon Dishes)
Put the required number of small, soft-shell clams into a saucepan, and bring to a boil, in their own liquor. Cut cold boiled potatoes into small cubes. Line a pudding-dish with pie-crust around the sides, and put a tea-cup in the centre of the dish to support the top crust when it is added. Put a layer of clams, then the potatoes, salt and pepper, an

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