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Below you will find featured recipes. The selection of the featured recipes has a random part and part based on user rankings. At times you may need need an idea for something to cook, use this section to get a quick recipe ideas.

Filet Of Beef A La Rossini

(Meats), (Joe Tilden's Recipes For Epicures)
Braise a larded filet of beef with what vegetables are in season. Put in a saucepan and moisten while cooking with a bottle of good claret or sherry. When done garnish the meat with macaroni prepared as follows: Boil one-half pound of macaroni, cut into three-inch lengths and put in a saucepan with some sliced mushrooms, one-half pint of good stock, three ou

Fish With Garlic

(Fish), (The International Jewish Cook Book)
Clean, salt fish one half hour, wash and dry with a clean cloth; cut garlic very thin, rub over fish; place in oven to bake; bake until odor of garlic has disappeared; then let fish cool.

Quinces To Preserve

(Confectionary.), (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)
Put a third part of the clearest and largest quinces into cold water over the fire, and coddle till tender, but not so as to be broken. Pare and cut them into quarters, taking out the core and the hard part, and then weigh them. The kernels must be taken out of the core, and tied up in a piece of muslin or gauze. The remaining two-thirds of the quince

Caramel Custard Baked

(Desserts.), (The Golden Age Cook Book)
A pint and a half of rich milk, a cup and a half of granulated sugar, the fourth of a vanilla bean. Put the milk and vanilla bean cut small into a double boiler over the fire. Melt the sugar without water in a spider, stirring constantly until it is all dissolved and the syrup is a rich golden brown. Do not let it get too dark or it will be bitter. Wh

Preserved Cherries

(Preserved Fruit), (The International Jewish Cook Book)
The sour red cherries, or "Morellas," are the best for preserves. Never use sweet ones for this purpose. Stone them, preserving every drop of juice, then weigh the cherries, and for every pound take three-quarters of a pound of sugar. Set the sugar and juice of the cherries on to boil, also a handful of the cherry stones pounded and tied in a thin muslin bag

Fig Cake

(Cakes.), (The Golden Age Cook Book)
Half a cup of butter, one cup of granulated sugar, half a cup of milk, two cups of flour, two rounded teaspoonfuls of baking powder, the whites of four eggs. Beat the butter and sugar to a cream, stir the milk and one cup of the flour together and add to the butter and sugar. Sift the remaining cup of flour and the baking powder together, beat the whi

No. 7. Ham Sauce, Salsa Di Prosciutto

(Sauces), (The Cook's Decameron: A Study In Taste For Italian Dishes)
Ingredients: Ham, Musca or sweet port, vinegar, basil spice. Cut up an ounce of ham and pound it in a mortar then mix it with three dessert spoonsful of port or Musca and a teaspoonful of vinegar a little dried basil and a pinch of spice. Boil it up, and then pass it through a sieve and warm it up in a bain-marie. Serve with roast meats. If you cannot ge

Another Way

(Meats And Vegetables.), (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)
Beat three pounds of rump steaks; put them in a stewpan, with a pint of water, the same quantity of small beer, six cloves, a large onion, a bunch of sweet-herbs, a carrot, a turnip, pepper, and salt. Stew this very gently, closely covered, for four or five hours; but take care the meat does not go to rags, by being done too fast. Take up the meat, an

Another Way

(Meats And Vegetables.), (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)
Take a chine of pork that has hung four or five days; make holes in the lean, and stuff it with a little of the fat leaf, chopped very small, some parsley, thyme, a little sage, and shalot, cut very fine, and seasoned with pepper and salt. It should be stuffed pretty thick. Have some good gravy in the dish. For sauce, use apple sauce.

Baking-powder Biscuit

(Bread, Biscuit, And Rolls.), (The Golden Age Cook Book)
One quart of sifted flour, three-quarters of a cup of butter, two heaping teaspoonfuls of baking powder, one teaspoonful of salt, enough milk to make a soft dough. Do not handle any more than is necessary. Roll thin, cut in small biscuits, prick with a fork and bake in a quick oven.

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