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Ice Creams, Water Ices, Frozen Puddings


A Spanish Stew For One Hundred Persons
Alaska Bake
Alexander Bomb
Apple And Nut Salad
Apple Ice
Apple Ice Cream
Apricot Ice
Apricot Ice Cream
Arrowroot Cream
Bagged Veal
Baked Sweetbreads
Banana Filling
Banana Ice Cream
Banana Layer
Banana Salad
Bellevue Bouillon
Biscuit Ice Cream
Biscuit Tortoni
Biscuits Americana
Biscuits GlacÉs
Bisque Ice Cream
Bomb GlacÉ
Boned Quail
Boned Turkey
Boston Pudding
Brown Bread Ice Cream
Burnt Almond Mousse
Cabinet Pudding, Iced
Cantaloupe Salad
Charlotte GlacÉ
Cherry Ice
Chicken Bouillon
Chicken Croquettes
Chicken Mousse
Chicken Salad
Chicken Timbale
Chocolate Ice Cream
Clam Bouillon
Claret Sauce
Coffee For Large Home Affairs
Coffee Ice Cream
Coffee Mousse
Cooked Dressing
Coupe St. Jacque
Crab Salad
Crabs Ravigot
Cranberry Sherbet
Cream Mushroom Sauce
Cucumber Molds
Cucumber Sorbet
CuraÇao Ice Cream
Currant And Raspberry Water Ice
Currant Water Ice
Deviled Crabs
Duchess Mousse
East Indian Salad
Egyptian Mousse
English Apricot Cream
For The Compote
French Dressing
French Potato Salad
Frozen Apricots
Frozen Bananas
Frozen Chocolate
Frozen Coffee
Frozen Custard
Frozen Fruits
Frozen Pineapple
Frozen Plum Pudding
Frozen Raspberries
Frozen Strawberries
Frozen Watermelon
Fruit Jelly
Fruit Salad, Iced
Galantine Of Chicken
Gelatin Ice Cream
German Cherry Biscuits
Ginger Ice Cream
Ginger Water Ice
Gooseberry Sorbet
Grandmother's Potato Salad
Grape Water Ice
Green Gage Ice Cream
Hot Chocolate Sauce
Ice Cream Cake
Ice Cream Croquettes
Ice Creams From Condensed Milk
Iced Cake
Iced Rice Pudding With A Compote Of Oranges
Jellied Veal
Lalla Rookh
Lamb Salad
Lambs' Sweetbreads In Paper Cases
Lemon Ice Cream
Lemon Water Ice
Lillian Russell
Lobster Cutlets
Lobster Newburg
Lobster Salad
Macedoine Salad
Man-of-war Salad
Maple PanachÉe
Maple Sauce
Maraschino Ice Cream
Mille Fruit Water Ice
Mint Sherbet
Mock Eggs
Monte Carlo Pudding
Montrose Pudding
Montrose Sauce
Neapolitan Blocks
Neapolitan Creams
Nesselrode Pudding
Nesselrode Pudding, Americana
Nut Bread
Nut Cake
Nut Meat Roll
Nut Sauce
Orange Gelatin Cream
Orange Ice Cream
Orange Sauce
Orange Sherbet
Orange SoufflÉ
Orange Water Ice
Oyster Bouillon
Oyster Croquettes
Pate-de-foie-gras In Aspic
Peaches Melba
Pineapple Ice Cream
Pineapple Water Ice
Pistachio Ice Cream
Pistachio Mousse
Pomegranate Water Ice
Poor Man's Fruit Cake
Potato Salad
Poulet En Bellevue
Queen Pudding
Quick CafÉ Parfait
Quick Caramel Parfait
Quick Chocolate Parfait
Quick Strawberry Parfait
Raspberry Ice Cream
Raspberry Water Ice
Refreshments For Affairs
Rice Mousse With A Compote Of Mandarins
Roast Beef Salad
Roman Punch
Salmon Pudding
Sauce Bechamel
Sauce Suedoise
Sauce Tartar
Scones For Twenty-five Persons
Sour Sop
Sour Sop Sherbet Or Ice
Strawberry Ice Cream
Strawberry Water Ice
Sultana Pudding
Sultana Roll
Sweetbread Salad
The Merry Widow
Tomato Molds
Tomato Sorbet Or Sherbet
Tomatoes En Surprise
Tongue Salad
Tutti Frutti Pudding
Tutti Frutti, Italian Fashion
Vanilla Ice Cream
Veal Roll
Walnut Ice Cream
Walnut Sauce
Water Ices And Sherbets Or Sorbets

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