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Pennsylvania Germans


"almond Brod"
"an Old Recipe" For Chicken Salad
"an Old Recipe" For Good Bread
"angel Food" Layer Cake
"aunt Sarah's" Quickly-made Brown Bread
"aunt Sarah's" Rhubarb Pudding
"aunt Sarah's" Shellbark Layer Cake
"bairische Dampfnudeln"
"boova Shenkel"
"braune Lebkuchen"
"brod Grummella"
"brod Knodel," Or Bread Dumplings
"bucks County" Baked Beans
"bucks County" Buckwheat Cakes
"bucks County" Doughnuts
"bucks County" Hearth-baked Rye Bread (as Made By Aunt Sarah)
"bucks County" Molasses Cakes (baked In Pastry)
"buckwheat Minute" Pudding
"cornmeal Sponge" Pudding
"crumb" Corn Cakes
"dutch" Cucumber Salad
"dutch" Currant Cake (no Yeast Used)
"extra Fine" Baking Powder Biscuits
"farmers' Pound Cake" (as Aunt Sarah Called This)
"fast Nacht Kuchen" (doughnuts)
"flannel" Cakes With Baking Powder
"flannel" Cakes, Made From Sour Milk
"frau Schmidt's" Griddle Cake Recipe
"frau Schmidt's" Lemon Pie
"frau Schmidts" Easily-made Graham Bread
"frau Schmidts" Good White Bread (sponge Method)
"frau" Schmidt's Recipe For Apple Butter
"fruit" Salad Dressing
"gedampftes Rinderbrust"
"gefullte Rinderbrust," Or Stuffed Breast Of Beef
"gelb Kuchen"
"german" Egg Bread
"german" Egg-pancakes (not Cheap)
"german" Horseradish Sauce
"german" Pot Pie
"german" Sour Cream Crullers
"grandmother's" Doughnuts
"grandmother's" Fine Raised Biscuits
"grandmother's" Recipe For Buttermilk Waffles
"grossmutter's" Honey Cakes
"heller Bluther Kuklein"
"honig Kuchen" (honey Cakes)
"july Ann's" Ginger Snaps
"kaffee Krantz" (coffee Wreath)
"kaffee Kuchen" (coffee Cake)
"kartoffle Klose"
"kartoffle Kuklein" (potato Fritters Or Boofers)
"kasha Kuchen" Or Cherry Cake
"kleina Kaffe Kuchen" (little Coffee Cakes)
"leber Klose" Or Liver Dumplings
"lebkuchen" (as The Professor's Wife Made Them)
"lemon Apple" Pie
"lemon Meringue" Pudding
"light Brown" Sugar Cake
"mary's" Recipe For Wheat Bread
"mondel Krantz" Or Almond Cake (as Made By Frau Schmidt)
"mouldasha" (parsley Pies)
"pasture" Mushrooms
"pebble Dash" Or Shoo-fly Pie
"pennsylvania Dutch" Kisses
"pennsylvania" Plum Pudding (for Thanksgiving Day)
"pfannkuchen" (pancakes)
"polish" Rye Bread (as Made In Bucks County)
"rhubarb Custard" Pie
"rivel Kuchen"
"rot Pfeffers" Filled With Cabbage
"saffron" Raisin Bread
"sauergebratens" Or German Pot Roast
"schwarz" Cake
"slice" Bread Pudding
"smier-kase" Or Cottage Cheese
"snitz" Pie
"sour Cream" Molasses Cake
"springerles" (german Christmas Cakes)
"stirred" Oatmeal Bread
"streusel Kuchen"
"suppee Schwangen"
"twentieth Century" Mince Meat
"wunderselda" Marmalade
"zwetchen Dampfnudeln" (prune Dumplings)
(as Aunt Sarah Made Them.)
A "dutch" Recipe For Pumpkin Pie
A "half Pound" Cake
A "sponge Custard" Cake
A Cheap Brown Sugar Cake
A Cheap Cocoanut Layer Cake
A Cheap Orange Cake
A Cheap Rice And Tomato Soup
A Citron Cake
A Clam Omelette
A Club Sandwich
A Country "molasses" Pie
A Country Batter Pie
A Delicious "chocolate Cream" Candy
A Delicious "spice Layer Cake"
A Delicious Chocolate Cake
A Delicious Icing (not Cheap).
A Good And Cheap "tapioca Pudding"
A Good And Cheap "white Cake"
A Good, Cheap Chocolate Cake
A Good, Inexpensive Salad Dressing
A Light Fruit Cake (for Christmas)
A Mock Cherry Pie
A Potato Cake (no Yeast Required)
A Recipe Given Mary For "oyster Cocktail"
A Reliable Layer Cake
A Substitute For Maple Syrup
A Very Economical German Clove Cake
A Very Old Recipe For Dumplings, Or "knopf"
A White Cake
A White Cocoanut Cake
A Wholesome Bread (made From Bran)
Almond Macaroons (as Prepared By Mary)
An "oatmeal Loaf"
An "old Recipe" For Coffee Cake
An Economical Bread And Apple Pudding
An Egg And Tomato Omelette
An Ice Cream Cake
An Inexpensive "white Fruit Cake"
An Inexpensive Cocoa Cake
An Inexpensive Dark "chocolate Layer Cake"
An Old Recipe For Pound Cake
An Old Recipe For Spiced Pickles
Angel Cake
Angel Cake--aunt Sarah's Recipe
Angel Cakes (baked In Gem Pans)
Apple "strudel"
Apple Cream Cake
Apple Cream Filling For Cake.
Apple Custard Pie
Apple Johnny Cake (served As A Pudding)
Apple Sauce
Apple Sauce Cake
Apple Tapioca
Apple Tart
Apyl Kuklein (apple Fritters)
Aunt Amanda's Spice "kuchen"
Aunt Sarah's "bread Dough" Cake
Aunt Sarah's "cherry Marmalade"
Aunt Sarah's "german Crumb Cakes" Baked In Crusts
Aunt Sarah's "hutzel Brod"
Aunt Sarah's "quick Dutch Cakes"
Aunt Sarah's "schnitz And Knopf"
Aunt Sarah's Bread Pudding
Aunt Sarah's Butter Scotch Pie
Aunt Sarah's Cheese Cake
Aunt Sarah's Cinnamon Cake
Aunt Sarah's Cottage Pudding
Aunt Sarah's Cucumber Pickles
Aunt Sarah's Custard Pie
Aunt Sarah's Delicious Cream Biscuits
Aunt Sarah's Extra Fine Large Sponge Cake
Aunt Sarah's Ginger Pears
Aunt Sarah's Ginger Snaps
Aunt Sarah's Good And Cheap "country Fruit Cake"
Aunt Sarah's Lemon Meringue
Aunt Sarah's Lemon Pie
Aunt Sarah's Method Of Canning Corn
Aunt Sarah's Method Of Keeping Sausage
Aunt Sarah's Method Of Preserving Eggs With Liquid Water Glass
Aunt Sarah's Plain Boiled Pudding
Aunt Sarah's Potato Yeast
Aunt Sarah's Quince Honey
Aunt Sarah's Raised Rolls (from Bread Dough)
Aunt Sarah's Recipe For "johnny Cake"
Aunt Sarah's Recipe For Chili Sauce
Aunt Sarah's Recipe For Frozen Custard
Aunt Sarah's Spiced Pears
Aunt Sarah's Strawberry Pie
Aunt Sarah's Walnut Gingerbread
Aunt Sarah's White Bread (sponge Method)
Aunt Sarah's White Bread And Rolls
Baked "stuffed Peppers"
Baked "stuffed Tomatoes"
Baked Cabbage
Baked Macaroni And Cheese
Baked Potatoes
Banana Fritters
Batter Baked With Gravy
Bean "snitzel"
Bean Chowder
Beef Stew
Beefsteak Served With Peas
Boiled Cider For Mince Pies
Boiled Ham
Boiled Icing
Boiled Spinach
Boiled Water
Bread And Rolls
Bread Filling As Aunt Sarah Prepared It
Bread Griddle Cakes
Brod Torte (bread Tart)
Broiled Mackerel
Broiled Steak
Brown "pfeffernussen"
Brown Potato Chowder
Bucks County Apple Butter
Bucks County Cinnamon "kuchen"
Butter "schimmel"
Butter, Cheese And Suet--a Substitute For Butter
Butter--as It Was Made At The Farm, By "aunt Sarah"
Buttered Beets
Cake Icing For Various Cakes
Candied Orange Peel
Candied Sweet Potatoes
Candies-walnut Molasses Taffy
Canned Peaches
Canned Sour Cherries For Pies
Canned String Beans
Canned Tomatoes
Canned Tomatoes--fried
Caramel Cake And Icing
Caramel Custard
Caramel Custard (as Mary Prepared It)
Caramel Ice Cream
Carrot Salad
Cereals--oatmeal Porridge
Cheap "molasses Ginger Bread"
Cheap Sponge Cake
Cherry Relish
Cherry Sherbet
Chicken Salad
Chili (as Prepared In New Mexico)
Chocolate Cookies
Chocolate Icing
Chocolate Icing (very Good)
Chocolate Icing For Molasses Cake.
Chocolate Pie
Cinnamon Wafers (as Made By Aunt Sarah)
Clam Broth
Clam Chowder
Clover-leaf Rolls
Cocoa Filling.
Cocoanut Cookies
Cocoanut Creams
Cocoanut Layer Cake
Codfish Balls
Common "cream Sauce"
Cooked Hominy
Cooked Rice
Corn Meal Mush
Corn Muffins (as Made By "frau Schmidt")
Corn Oysters
Cornmeal Pudding
Cranberry Sauce
Cream Of Celery
Cream Of Oyster Bouillon
Cream Of Pea Soup
Creamed "dried Beef"
Creamed Salmon
Creamed Sweetbreads
Creamed Toast
Crimson Creamed Beets
Croquettes Of Cold, Cooked Fish
Croutons And Crumbs
Cup Custards
Currant Jelly
Dandelion Wine
Dandelion Wine (made With Yeast)
Dark Part.
Delicious Baked Peach Pudding
Delicious Corn Cakes
Delicious Vanilla Wafers (as Mary Made Them)
Devil's Food Cake
Deviled Eggs
Deviled Oysters
Dried Sweet Corn
Dumplings Made From "bread Sponge"
Dumplings To Serve With Sauer Kraut
Economy Cake
Egg Balls For Soup
Egg Nogg
Eggs In Cream Sauce
Eggs--"eierkuchen" Or Omelette
English Cake (similar To A White Fruit Cake)
Euchered Peaches
Excellent "graham Bread"
Extending The Meat Flavor
Extra Fine "quaker Bonnet" Biscuits
Farmer's Rice
Filling For Orange Cake.
Fine "drop Crullers"
Fine "krum Kuchen"
Fish, Clams And Oyster (boned Shad)
Florendine Pie
Fowl--roast Chicken Or Turkey
Frau Schmidt's "german Christmas Cake"
Frau Schmidt's "hutzel Brod"
Frau Schmidt's "old Recipe For Schnitz And Knopf"
Frau Schmidt's Apple Dumplings
Frau Schmidt's Frozen Custard
Frau Schmidt's Graham Pudding
Frau Schmidt's Ice Cream
Frau Schmidt's Lemon Cake
Frau Schmidt's Molasses Cake
Frau Schmidt's Molasses Snaps
Frau Schmidt's Recipe For "german" Almond Slices
Frau Schmidt's Recipe For Waffles
Frau Schmidt's Sugar Cookies
Frau Schmidts "quick Bread"
Frau Schmidts Clam Soup
Frau Schmidts Way Of Serving "oyster Cocktails"
Fried Chicken With Cream Gravy
Fried Eggplant
Fried Liver And Bacon
Fried Onions And Potatoes
Fried Oysters
Fried Peppers With Pork Chops
Fried Tomatoes With Cream Sauce
Fritters, Croquettes, Dumplings And Crullers
Frozen Desserts--aunt Sarah's Frozen "fruit Custard"
Fruit Jumbles
Fudge (as Made By Mary)
German "coffee Bread"
German "lebkuchen"
German Bean Salad
German Noodle Soup
German Potato Salad
German Raisin Cake (raised With Yeast)
German Salad Dressing
German Steamed Cabbage
German Turnip Salad
German Vegetable Soup
Ginger Cake
Gold Layer Cake
Good, Cheap Dutch Cakes
Graham Bread (an Old Recipe)
Graham Pudding
Grandmother's Fruit Cake (baked For Mary's Wedding)
Grandmother's Molasses Cakes
Grandmother's Recipe For "mince Meat"
Grape Butter
Grape Conserve
Grape Fruit Marmalade
Grape Fruit Punch
Grape Fruit Salad
Grape Pie
Grape Sherbet
Grated "parsnip Cakes"
Green Corn Fritters
Green Currant Pie
Green Tomato Mince Meat
Grossmutter's Potato Cakes
Hamburg Steak
Hard Boiled Eggs
Hickory Nut Cake
Hickory Nut Cakes
Home-made Sausage
Huckleberry Pudding
Hungarian Goulash
Ice Cream Made By Beating With Paddle
Ice Cream--a Simple Recipe Given Mary
Iced Tea
Icing For Cake.
Icing For German Lebkuchen.
Imitation Lobster Salad
Imperial Cake (baked For Mary's Wedding)
Indian Pone
Inexpensive Drop Crullers
Inexpensive Sunshine Cake
Kartoffle Balla (potato Balls)
Lady Baltimore Cake
Lemon Honey
Lemon Pie With Crumbs
Lemon Sherbet
Lemon Syrup
Lemon Wafers Or Drop Cakes
Light Part.
Little Crumb Cakes
Macaroons (as Aunt Sarah Made Them)
Maple Parfait
Marklose Balls
Marmalades, Preserves And Canned Fruits
Mary's Breakfast Muffins
Mary's Chocolate Cake
Mary's Chocolate Loaf (made With Sour Milk)
Mary's Cocoanut Custard Pie
Mary's Corn Starch Pudding
Mary's Cream Pie
Mary's Cup Pudding (from Stale Bread)
Mary's Lemon Meringue (made With Milk)
Mary's Molasses Cakes
Mary's Muffins
Mary's Potato Cakes
Mary's Potato Salad
Mary's Recipe For "corn Cake"
Mary's Recipe For "hot Milk" Sponge Cake
Mary's Recipe For Cinnamon Buns
Mary's Recipe For Molasses Taffy
Mary's Recipe For Orange Cake
Mary's Recipe For Peach Cream
Mary's Recipe For Plain Pumpkin Pie
Mary's Recipe For Rhubarb Jam
Mary's Salad Dressing
Mayonnaise Dressing In Which Olive Oil Is Used
Measures And Weights
Meat "snitzel"
Meat Balls
Meat Croquettes
Meat Salads
Mixed Sauce To Serve With Meats
Moravian Sugar Cakes
Muffins, Biscuits, Griddle Cakes And Waffles
Mushroom Omelette
Mustard Dressing To Serve With Sliced Tomatoes
Mustard Pickles
Never Fail "flannel" Cakes
Nut And Raisin Bread
Nut Bread
Oatmeal Cookies
Oatmeal Crisps
Orange Cake
Orange Marmalade
Orange Meringue (a Pie)
Oyster Canapes
Oyster Croquettes
Oyster Stew
Oysters Steamed In The Shell
Panned Oysters
Parsley Dried To Preserve Its Green Color
Parsnip Fritters
Peach Marmalade
Peach Tapioca
Peanut Biscuits
Peanut Butter
Peanut Cookies
Pear And Pineapple Marmalade
Pear Conserve
Pepper Hash
Pepper Relish
Perfect Breakfast Rolls
Perfection Potato Cakes
Perfection Waffles
Philadelphia "pepper Pot"
Pickled Beets
Pickled Mangelwurzel
Pickled Peaches
Pickled Red Cabbage
Pickles--spiced Cucumbers
Pies--flaky Pie Crust
Pineapple Cream
Pineapple Honey
Plain Cookies
Plain Rhubarb Pie
Planked Shad
Pork Chops
Potato Biscuits
Potato Chips
Preparation Of Savory Gravies
Preparing A Pot Roast
Preserved "german Prunes" Or Plums
Preserved "yellow Ground Cherries"
Preserved Cherries
Preserved Pineapple
Pudding Sauce.
Pumpkin Pie (aunt Sarah's Recipe)
Raised Rolls
Raisin Or "rosina" Pie
Recipe For "light Cakes" (given Mary By A Farmer's Wife)
Recipe For "pulled Bread"
Recipe For Making "baking Powder"
Recipe For Making Hard Soap Without Boiling
Rhubarb Marmalade (as Frau Schmidt Made It)
Rice Balls With Cheese
Rice Croquettes (and Lemon Sauce)
Rice Custard
Rice Muffins
Rice Pudding
Roast Lamb
Roast Pork
Roll Jelly Cake
Rose Wine
Rosettes, Wafers And Rosenkuchen (as Made By Frau Schmidt)
Salads--aunt Sarah's Salad Dressing
Sally Lunn (as Aunt Sarah Made It)
Salmon Loaf
Salted Almonds Or Peanuts
Sauce 2
Sauce For Pudding.
Sauce For Pudding.
Sauce For Pudding.
Sauce For Suet Pudding.
Savory Beef Roll
Scalloped Oysters
Scalloped Potatoes
Shad Roe
Sirloin Steaks
Sliced Ham
Small "belsnickel" Christmas Cakes
Small Cakes And Cookies--"aunt Sarah's" Little Lemon Cakes
Small Oatmeal Cakes
Small Sponge Cakes
Soft Boiled Eggs
Soups And Chowders
Sour Cherry Pie
Spanish Cream
Sponge Bread Pudding
Steamed Asparagus (fine)
Steamed Bread Pudding
Steamed Brown Bread
Steamed Fruit Pudding
Steamed Mushrooms.
Steamed Walnut Pudding
Stewed Or Steamed Chicken
Stewed Rabbit
Stewed Shin Of Beef
Stewed Tomatoes
Stirred Bread
Strawberry Shortcake (as Frau Schmidt Made It)
Stuffed Breast Of Veal
Suet Pudding
Sunshine Sponge Cake
Sweet Corn
Sweet Potato Croquettes
Sweetbreads (breaded)
Tapioca Custard
The Crumbs (for Vanilla Crumb Crusts).
The Filling.
The Many Uses Of Stale Bread
The Professor's Wife's Recipe For "dutch Cakes"
The Professor's Wife's Superior Pastry
Time Required To Cook Vegetables
Tip-top Cake
To Imitate Chestnut Wood
To Make "sauer Kraut"
To Test Fresh Eggs.
Tomato Catsup
Tomato Soup
Turkey Soup
Uses Of "sweet Drippings" And Suet
Utilizing Cold Meat "left-overs"
Vanilla Crumb "crusts"
Vanilla Sauce For Rhubarb Pudding.
Various Ways Of Using Small Potatoes
Veal Cutlets
Veal Loaf
Vegetable Soup
Vegetables--white Potatoes
Vinegar Made From Strawberries
Waffles Made From Sweet Milk And Baking Powder
Walnut Rocks
White Potato Custard (aunt Sarah's Recipe)
Whole-wheat Bread
Wines And Syrups--unfermented Grape Juice
Zimmet Waffles (as Made By Frau Schmidt)

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