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The Art of Living in Australia


(soubise Blanche.)
American Fish
American Oysters
Apple And Tapioca
Apple Fritters
Apples And Rice
Artichoke Soup
Artichokes, To Boil
Bachelor's Buttons
Baked Bream And Egg Sauce
Baked Chop
Baked Fish
Baked Onions
Baked Tomatoes
Baked Vegetable Marrow
Banana And Orange Salad
Banana Souffle
Bananas Stewed
Banbury Cakes
Bedford Pudding
Beef A La Mode
Beef Essence.
Beef Olives
Beef Stock
Beef Tea--no. 1
Beef Trifles
Beefsteak Rolls
Beefsteak Stuffed
Beetroot And Macaroni Salad
Beetroot And Onion Stew
Beetroot In Sauce
Black Cap Pudding
Blue Cod Salad
Boiled Custard
Boiled Fish
Braised Leg Of Mutton
Brazilian Stew
Bread Salad
Breakfast Dish Of Beef
Breakfast Meat
Breakfast Salad
Bream Pudding
Breast Of Mutton And Peas
Broiled Fish
Brown Gravy
Brown Macaroni Soup
Brown Mince
Brown Sauce
Buttered Whiting
Cabbage And Bacon Soup
Cabbage Soup
Calf's Foot Salad
Carrot Salad
Carrot Soup
Carrots In Butter
Cassolettes Of Vegetables
Cauliflower Fritters
Cauliflower Salad
Cauliflowers And Tomatoes
Cauliflowers Au Gratin
Celery Salad
Celery Soup
Cheese Cakes
Cheese Savoury
Cock-a-leekie Soup
Cods' Roes In Tomato Sauce
Cold Fish Au Gratin
Collared Eels
Cookery Of Meat.
Cornflour Custard
Cosmopolitan Salad
Cream Toast
Crecy Soup
Curried Chops
Curried Fish
Curried Lentils
Curried Tomatoes
Curried Vegetables
Curry Sauce
De Mestre Pudding
Delhi Pudding
Devilled Meat
Devilled Sardines
Devonshire Junket
Digestive Biscuits
East Indian Salad Sauce
Eel And Tomato Sauce.
Egg Salad
Egg Soup
Fillets A La Orly
Fish A L'aurore
Fish A La Creme
Fish A La Maitre D'hotel
Fish A La Saumarez
Fish And Butter Sauce
Fish And Tomato Sauce
Fish Au Gratin
Fish Baked In Vinegar
Fish Balls
Fish Cakes
Fish Hash
Fish In Batter
Fish Patties
Fish Pie
Fish Pudding
Fish Rissoles
Fish Salad
Fish Soup
Fish Stock
Fish, To Fry
Flaky Crust
French Soup
Fricassee Of Liver
Fried Crayfish
Fried Roes
Fried Tomatoes
Frying Batter
Haricot Bean Soup
Haricot Beans
Haricot Beans And Bacon
Hashed Beef And Tomato Sauce
Hasty Pudding
Hasty Pudding Souffle
Hints On Salad
Imitation Omelet
Imitation Spinach
Italian Cabbage
Italian Salad
Italian Soup
Jam Sauce
Jersey Soup
Jugged Rabbits
Kidney Fritters
Kidney Soup
Kidney Toast
Kingswood Pudding
Lamb Salad
Lemon Biscuits
Lemon Pudding
Lenten Soup
Lentil Soup
Lentils, To Boil
Lettuce Salad
Lettuce Stewed
Lobster Soup
Lyonnaise Potatoes
Macaroni And Cheese Salad
Macaroni Cheese
Macaroni Pudding
Maitre D'hotel Sauce
Melted Butter Sauce
Milk Biscuits
Milk Soup
Mullet And Tomatoes
Mulligatawny Soup
Mutton Broth
Mutton Chops In Batter
New Potatoes Saute
Normandy Pudding
Onion Sauce
Onion Soup
Oxfordshire Pudding
Oyster Salad
Oyster Soup
Oyster Stew
Oysters And Bacon
Oysters And Macaroni
Oysters And Potatoes
Parsnips And Parsley Butter
Parsnips Fried
Pea Soup
Poor Man's Dish
Pot Boilings
Potato And Tomato Pie
Potato Balls
Potato Chips
Potato Fritters
Potato Puff
Potato Salad
Potato Sausages
Potatoes A La Maitre D'hotel
Potatoes In White Sauce
Potatoes Saute
Potatoes Stuffed
Prawn Salad
Pressed Beef
Prince Of Wales Cakes
Pumpkin Soup
Quick Beef Tea--no. 2
Quick Pudding
Raw Beef Tea.
Remoulade Salad Dressing
Rhubarb Mould
Rice Blacmange
Rice Cutlets
Rock Cakes
Roman Ragout
Rothsay Pudding
Roulades Of Beef
Rusk Pudding
Sago Soup
Salad Of Cold Vegetables
Salad Of Corned Beef
Salt Fish
Sardine Salad
Saute Of Turnips
Savoury Potatoes
Scalloped Fish
Scalloped Oysters
Scandinavian Pudding
Scotch Broth
Scotch Collops
Seed Cake
Semolina Soup
Small Fish
Soda Cake
Soubise Cutlets
Soup Maigre
Soup Meat Salad
Sponge Roll
Stanley Pudding
Steak A La Jardiniere
Steak And Kidney Pie
Steak And Kidney Pudding
Steak And Macaroni
Stewed Cabbage
Stewed Celery
Stewed Chops
Stewed Fish
Stewed Kidneys And Macaroni
Stewed Leeks
Stewed Steak And Walnuts
Stewed Sweetbreads
Stock From Bones (no. 2)
Stuffed Conger Eel.
Stuffed Flathead
Suet Pudding
Sweet Omelet
Swiss Pates
Sydney Soup
Tapioca Meringue
Tapioca Soup
To Boil Cabbage
To Boil Cauliflowers
To Boil French Beans
To Boil Green Peas
To Boil New Potatoes
To Boil Potatoes
To Boil Rice
To Clarify Dripping
To Clarify Fat
To Cook Dried Fish
To Fry Parsley
To Make Brown Crumbs
Tomato Pie
Tomato Sauce
Tomato Soup
Tomatoes And Eggs
Tomatoes And Mince
Tomatoes Stuffed
Tripe And Tomatoes
Tripe In Milk
Turnip And Rice Soup
Turnip Salad
Veal Forcemeat
Veal In White Sauce
Veal Shape
Veal Stock
Vegetable Marrow
Vegetable Marrow Stuffed
Vegetable Soup
Venetian Rice
Vermicelli Soup
Water Souchet
White Macaroni Soup
White Sauce
Yankee Pudding
Yorkshire Tea Cakes

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