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The International Jewish Cook Book


A Cheap Coffee Cake
A Delicious Appetizer
A Delicious Cream Cheese
A Winter Jelly
Abgeruehrter Kugelhopf
Ahilado Sauce (turkish)
Almond Balls
Almond Cake
Almond Hills
Almond Icing
Almond Macaroons
Almond Macaroons With Figs
Almond Macaroons, No. 1
Almond Macaroons, No. 2
Almond Pudding
Almond Pudding, No. 1
Almond Pudding, No. 2
Almond Sticks
Almond Sticks--fleischig
Amber Marmalade
An Easy Pot Roast
Anchovy CanapÉs
Anchovy CanapÉs With Tomatoes
Anchovy Sandwiches
Anchovy Sauce
Angel Food
Anise Zwieback
Another Method Of Frying Fish
Apple And Honey Pudding
Apple And Lady-finger Pudding
Apple And Quince Conserve
Apple Butter
Apple Cake (kuchen)
Apple Compote
Apple Custard Pie
Apple Delight
Apple Fladen (hungarian)
Apple Float
Apple Fritters
Apple Jelly
Apple Jelly Cake
Apple Kugel
Apple Pie, No. 1
Apple Pie, No. 2
Apple Pudding
Apple Sauce
Apple Sauce Cake
Apple Sauce Victoria
Apple Schalet, No. 1
Apple Schalet, No. 2
Apple Slump
Apple Snow
Apple Sponge Pudding
Apple Strudel, No. 1
Apple Strudel, No. 2
Apple Tapioca Pudding
Apples With Rice
Apricot Ice
Arme Ritter
Artichokes (french Or Globe)
Asparagus Salad
Aspic (sulz)
Baba À La Parisienne
Bairische Dampfnudeln, No. 1
Bairische Dampfnudeln, No. 2
Bake In Layers.
Bake In Slow Oven.
Baked Apple With Oatmeal
Baked Apples
Baked Bass À La Wellington
Baked Beets
Baked Black Bass
Baked Chopped Herring
Baked Crab-apple Preserves
Baked Egg With Tomatoes
Baked Eggplant
Baked Eggs
Baked Eggs With Cheese
Baked Fish
Baked Fish--turkish Style
Baked Flounders
Baked Hash
Baked Lentils (linzen)
Baked Macaroni With Cheese
Baked Mackerel
Baked Potatoes, No. 1
Baked Potatoes, No. 2
Baked Prunes
Baked Quinces
Baked Rhubarb
Baked Rice
Baked Shad
Baked Sickel Pears
Baked Tomato And Egg Plant
Baking Powder Dumplings
Baking-powder Batters
Baking-powder Biscuits
Baking-powder Bunt Kuchen
Baking-powder Cinnamon Cake
Banana Dainty
Banana Filling
Banbury Tarts
Barley And Vegetable Soup
Barley Soup
Barley, Tapioca, Sago, Etc
Batter Pudding
Beans And Barley
Bearnaise Sauce
Beef Loaf
Beefsteak Pie
Beer Soup
Beer Soup (parve)
Beet And Cauliflower Salad
Beet And Horseradish Relish
Beet Greens
Beet Preserves (russian)
Beet Salad
Beet Soup (russian Style)
Belgian Red Cabbage
Bell Fritters
Bird's Nest Pudding
Birmoilis (turkish)
Biscuit Tortoni, No. 1
Biscuit Tortoni, No. 2
Black Bean Soup
Black Bread Pudding
Black Olives
Blackberry And Currant Pie
Blackberry Cordial
Blackberry Jelly
Blackberry Wine
Blanc Mange
Blitz Kuchen
Bohemian Cream
Bohemian Kolatchen
Bohemian Potato Puff
Bohemian Salad
Boiled Apple Dumplings
Boiled Beans
Boiled Beets
Boiled Celery Root Salad
Boiled Chestnuts
Boiled Chicken, Baked
Boiled Coffee
Boiled Corned Beef
Boiled Custard
Boiled Dressing
Boiled Eggs
Boiled Fish
Boiled Icing
Boiled Lettuce
Boiled Macaroni
Boiled Okra
Boiled Onions
Boiled Potato Pudding
Boiled Potatoes
Boiled Rice
Boiled Rice With Pineapple
Boiled Salt Mackerel
Boiled Sauerkraut
Boiled Sweet Potatoes
Boiled Trout
Boiled Turnips
Boned Smelts, SautÉd
Boston Roast
Brain (appetizer)
Brain Salad
Brains (sweet And Sour)
Brains With Egg Sauce
Braised Oxtails
Bran Bread
Bran Muffins
Brandied Cherries
Brandied Peaches
Brandied Pears
Brandied Quinces
Brandy Sauce
Bread Dressing For Fowl
Bread Pancakes
Bread Pudding
Bread Sticks
Breakfast Cocoa
Breast Of Veal--roasted
Bremen Apple Torte
Brisket Of Beef (brustdeckel)
Broad Noodles
Brod Torte
Broiled Beefsteak
Broiled Eggplant
Broiled Fish
Broiled Green Peppers
Broiled Mushrooms
Broiled Or Fried Eggplant
Broiled Salt Mackerel
Broiled Spring Chicken
Broiled Squabs
Brown Betty
Brown Bread
Brown Bread Sandwiches
Brown Flour Soup, No. 2
Brown Sauce
Brown Stock
Brunswick Stew
Brussels Sprouts
Buckwheat Cakes
Burnt Almond Torte
Buttered Toast
Cabbage Strudel
CafÉ À La GlacÉ
Calf's Brains (sour)
Calf's Brains Fried
Calf's Feet, Scharf
Calf's Foot Jelly, No. 1
Calf's Hearts
Candied Lemon And Orange Peel
Candied Sweet Potatoes
Canned Asparagus
Canned Corn
Canned Fruit Frozen
Canned Gooseberries
Canned Peaches
Canned Peaches
Canned Plums
Canned Raspberries
Canned Rhubarb
Canned Rhubarb Ready To Use
Canned Strawberries
Canned Tomatoes, Stewed
Canning Fruit Baked In Oven
Canning Fruit In A Water Bath
Caramel Custard
Caramel Layer Cake
Caramel Sauce
Caraway Seed Cookies
Caraway, Or Kimmel Sauce
Cardamom Cookies
Carnatzlich (roumanian)
Carrot Pudding
Carrot Pudding
Carrot Schalet
Carrots And Peas
Carrots Boiled With Cabbage
Carrots With Brisket Of Beef
Cauliflower (roumanian)
Cauliflower Croquettes
Cauliflower Salad
Cauliflower With Brown Crumbs
Caviar And Salmon Sandwiches
Caviar CanapÉs
Celery Relish
Celery Root Baskets
Celery Sandwiches
Cheese And Nut Sandwiches
Cheese Balls
Cheese Balls, No. 1
Cheese Balls, No. 2
Cheese Blintzes
Cheese Bread
Cheese Cake Or Pie
Cheese Fondue
Cheese Omelet
Cheese SoufflÉ
Cheese Straws
Cherries For Pies
Cherry Bounce
Cherry Brandy
Cherry Cake
Cherry Conserve
Cherry Diplomate
Cherry Marmalade
Cherry Pie, No. 1
Cherry Pie, No. 2
Cherry Pudding
Cherry Pudding
Cherry Roley-poley
Cherry Soup
Cherry Strudel
Cherry Syrup
Chestnut Pudding
Chestnut PurÉe
Chestnut Salad
Chestnut Sandwiches
Chestnut Stuffing
Chestnut Torte
Chestnuts And Prunes
Chestnuts And Raisins
Chicken (turkish Style)
Chicken À La Italienne
Chicken À La Sweetbread
Chicken Broth
Chicken Casserole
Chicken Croquettes, No. 1
Chicken Croquettes, No. 2
Chicken Curry
Chicken Fricassee
Chicken Liver Paste, No. 1
Chicken Liver Paste, No. 2
Chicken Livers
Chicken Paprika With Rice
Chicken Salad
Chicken Sandwiches
Chicken Soup, No. 1
Chicken Soup, No. 2
Chicken With Rice
Chiffonade Salad
Chili Con Carne
Chilled Bananas
Chocolate Brod Torte
Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Coffee Cake
Chocolate Cookies
Chocolate Cornstarch Pudding
Chocolate Custard
Chocolate Eclairs
Chocolate Glazing
Chocolate Ice Cream, No. 1
Chocolate Ice Cream, No. 2
Chocolate Icing, Unboiled
Chocolate Layer Cake
Chocolate Nectar
Chocolate Sauce, No. 1
Chocolate Sauce, No. 2
Chocolate Syrup
Chocolate Torte
Chopped Herring
Chopped Onion And Chicken Fat
Chrimsel, No. 1
Chrimsel, No. 2
Cider Egg Nog
Cinnamon Buns
Cinnamon Rolls Or Schnecken
Cinnamon Sticks
Cinnamon Toast For Tea
Citron Cookies
Citron Preserve
Clabbered Milk
Claret Cup
Cocoanut Icing
Cocoanut Kisses
Cocoanut Layer Cake
Cocoanut Lemon Pie
Cocoanut Pie
Cocoanut Pudding
Cod Fish Balls
Coffee Cake (kuchen) Dough
Coffee Filling
Coffee For Twenty People
Coffee Ice Cream
Cold Egg Wine
Cold Oatmeal
Cold Slaw
Cold Slaw Or Cabbage Salad
Cold Sour Soup
Colored Mayonnaise
Compote Of Pears
Compote Of Pineapple
Compote Of Raspberries
Corn Bread
Corn Fritters
Corn Muffins, No. 1
Corn Muffins, No. 2
Corn Off The Cob
Corn Omelet
Corn On The Cob
Corn Pudding
Corn Relish
Cornflake Cocoanut Kisses
Cornmeal Mush
Cornmeal Pudding
Cottage Cheese (pot Cheese)
Cottage Cheese Salad
Covered Cheese Cake
Crab-apple Jelly
Crackers And Cheese
Cranberry Jelly
Cranberry Sauce
Cream Cheese Salad
Cream Filling
Cream Layer Cake
Cream Mustard Sauce
Cream Of Almond Soup
Cream Of Asparagus Soup
Cream Of Cauliflower Soup
Cream Of Celery Soup
Cream Of Corn Soup
Cream Of Lentil Soup
Cream Of Lettuce Soup
Cream Of Tomato Soup
Cream Pie
Cream Puffs
Cream Salmon
Cream Wine Soup
Creamed Celery
Creamed Mushrooms
Creamed New Cabbage
Creamed Potatoes
Creole Tomatoes
Crescent Rolls
Croquante Cakes (small Cakes)
Croquettes Of Calf's Brains
Croquettes Of Fish
Crumb Dressing
Cucumber Salad
Cucumber Sauce
Cucumbers In Oil
Cup Cake
Cup Custard For Six
Currant Jelly
Curried Eggs
Curried Mutton
Curried Potatoes
Curry Sauce
Custard Pie
Damson Jam
Date And Fig Sandwiches
Date Cake
Date Macaroons
Date Pudding
Date Torte
Dates Stuffed With Fondant
Dessert With Whipped Cream
Deviled Brains
Deviled Eggs With Hot Sauce
Deviled Tongue Sandwiches
Dill Pickles For Winter Use
Dimpes Dampes (apple Slump)
Dobos Torte
Dough For Open Face Pies
Drawn Butter Sauce
Dressing For Cold Slaw
Dressing For Lettuce
Dried Beans
Dried Fruits
Dried Lima Beans, Baked
Dried Pea Soup
Drip Overnight.
Drop Biscuit
Drop Dumplings
Duck À La Mode In Jelly
Dumplings For Cream Soups
Dumplings For Stew
Early Fall Vegetables
Egg And Olive Sandwiches
Egg Appetizer
Egg Custard
Egg Dumplings For Soups
Egg Lemonade
Egg Marmalade
Egg Rarebit
Egg Sandwiches
Eggless Ginger Gems
Eggplant (roumanian)
Eggplant Salad (roumanian)
Eggs À La Mexicana
Eggs Baked In Rice
Eggs En Marinade
Eggs Piquant
Eggs Poached In Tomato Sauce
Eggs Spanish
Eggs With Cream Dressing
Einlauf (egg Drop)
English Lemon Stewed Fish
Farina Dumplings
Farina Dumplings
Farina Pudding With Peaches
Farina Pudding, No. 2
Farina Soup
Farsole Dulce
Fig Dessert
Fig Filling
Fig Sandwiches
Fig Sauce
Filled Cabbage
Filled Fish--turkish Style
Filled Lemons
Filled Matzoth Kleis
Filled Tongue
Fillet De Sole À La Creole
Fillet Of Sole À La Mouquin
Filling For Chrimsel
Filtered Coffee
Finnan Haddie
Finnan Haddie And Macaroni
Fish Chowder
Fish Piquant
Fish Salad
Fish Salad For Twenty People
Fish Sandwiches
Fish Stock
Fish With Garlic
Fish With Horseradish Sauce
Fish With Sauerkraut
Fleischig Pie Crust
Flemish Carrots
Floating Island
Foam Sauce
Foam Torte
Force-meat For Kreplech
French Coffee
French Coffee Cake (savarin)
French Doughnuts
French Dressing
French Fried Potatoes
French Fried Sweet Potatoes
French Pancake
French Prunes In Cognac
French Puffs (windbeutel)
French Rolls
Fresh Cod Or Striped Bass
Fresh Mushrooms With Eggs
Fresh Prune Cake (kuchen)
Fricasseed Eggs
Fried Apples
Fried Beefsteak
Fried Cabbage
Fried Cucumbers
Fried Eggplant
Fried Eggs
Fried Green Tomatoes
Fried Spring Chicken
Fried Steak With Onions
Fried Sweet Potatoes
Fried Tomatoes
Fritter Batter
Fritter Beans
Frosted Apples
Frosted Currants
Frozen Custard
Frozen Puddings
Fruit And Nut Salad
Fruit Cake (wedding Cake)
Fruit Drinks
Fruit Loaf
Fruit Punch For Twenty People
Fruit Salad
Fruit Sauces
Fruit Sherbets
Fruit Soup
Fruit Syrups
Fruit Tartlets
Fruit Wheels
Gansleber PurÉe In Sulz
Gefillte Fisch
Gefillte Fisch With Egg Sauce
Gefillte Milz (milt)
General Rules
German Fried Potatoes
German Hazelnut Torte
German Pancakes, No. 1
German Pancakes, No. 2
German Pancakes, No. 3
German Prune Butter
German Puffs
Geschundene Gans
Gewetsh (servian)
Ginger Wafers
Gingered Pears
GlacÉ For Candies
Gluten Bread
Gluten Gems
Gold Cake
Golden Buck
Goose Cracklings (grieben)
Goose Liver
Goose Meat, Preserved In Fat
Gooseberry Relish
Graham Bread
Graham Muffins
Grape Conserve
Grape Fruit
Grape Jelly
Grape Pie
Grape Preserves
Grape-fruit Cocktail
Grape-fruit Salad
Grated Apple Pie
Grated Apple Pudding
Grated Irish Potato
Green Dill Tomatoes
Green Kern Soup
Green Lima Beans
Green Pea PurÉe
Green Pea Soup
Green Peas
Green Peas And Rice
Green Peppers
Green Peppers For Salad
Green Salads
Hamburger Steak
Hard Sauce
Haricot Beans And Beef
Hashed Calf's Lung And Heart
Hashed Turnips
Hasty Pudding
Hecht (pickerel)
Herb Omelet
Herring Salad, No. 1
Herring Salad, No. 2
Home Made Yeast
Home-made Chicken Tamales
Honey Cakes, No. 1
Honey Cakes, No. 2
Honey Corn Cakes
Honey Pudding
Horseradish Sauce, No. 1
Horseradish Sauce, No. 2
Hot Chocolate
Hot Milk Punch
Hot Slaw
Hot Wine (glueh)
How To Make Cream Soups
Huckleberry Cake
Huckleberry Compote
Huckleberry Dumplings
Huckleberry Kuchen
Huckleberry Pie
Huckleberry Pie
Huckleberry Pudding
Hungarian Almond Cookies
Hungarian Fruit Salad
Hungarian Goulash
Hungarian Vegetable Salad
Hurry Ups (oatmeal)
Ice-box Cake
Iced Chocolate
Iced Coffee
Imitation New Potatoes
Imitation Pate De Foi Gras
Individual Apple Dumplings
Individual Loaves
Instantaneous Frosting
Irish Stew
Jellied Chicken
Jellied Quinces
Jelly Roll
Jelly Sauce
Jerusalem Artichoke
Jewish Method Of Frying Fish
Johnnie Cake
Julienne Soup
Kaffee Kuchen (cinnamon)
Kal Dolmar
Kentucky Chrimsel
Kidney Beans With Brown Sauce
Kirsch Sauce
Kischkes--russian Style
Knoblauch Sauce (garlic)
Koch Kaese (boiled Cheese)
Koenig Kuchen
Kohl-rabi With Breast Of Lamb
Kraut Kugel
Kreplech Or Butterflies
Kugel (scharfe)
Lady Fingers
Lamb And Macaroni
Lamb Stew--tocane
Laws About Cereals
Leaf Puffs
Leek Soup
Left-over Cereals
Left-over Meat
Lemon Cake
Lemon Carrots
Lemon Cream Filling
Lemon Extract
Lemon Fish
Lemon Ginger Sherbet
Lemon Ice
Lemon Jelly For Layer Cake
Lemon Peel
Lemon Pie, No. 1
Lemon Pie, No. 2
Lemon Preserves
Lemon Puffs
Lemon Sauce
Lemon Sauce
Lemon Sauce, No. 1
Lemon Sauce, No. 2
Lemon Tart (fleischig)
Lemonade In Large Quantities
Lentil Sausages
Lentil Soup (linzen), No. 1
Lentil Soup, No. 2
Lettuce Sandwiches
Lima Bean Salad
Linser Tart
Linzer Torte
Little French Cakes
Liver Kloesse (dumplings)
Loaf Cocoanut Cake
Macaroni And Cheese
Macaroon Island
Macaroon Tarts
Mackerel Salad
MaÎtre D'hÔtel Butter
MaÎtre D'hÔtel Sauce
Mamouras (turkish)
Mandel (almond) Strudel
Maple Bisque
Maple Mousse
Maple Sugar Icing
Maraschino Lemonade
Marble Cake
Marinirte (pickled) Herring
Marinirte Fish
Marrow Dumplings
Marshmallow Filling
Marshmallow Salad
Mashed Potatoes
Matzoth Charlotte, No. 1
Matzoth Charlotte, No. 2
Matzoth Dipped In Eggs, No. 1
Matzoth Dipped In Eggs, No. 2
Matzoth Eirkuchen
Matzoth Kleis, No. 1
Matzoth Kleis, No. 2
Matzoth Kugel
Matzoth Meal Cake
Matzoth Meal Kleis, No. 1
Matzoth Meal Kleis, No. 2
Matzoth Meal Macaroons
Matzoth Meal Noodles
Matzoth Plum Pudding
Matzoth Shalet
Matzoth Spice Cake
Mayonnaise Dressing
Mayonnaise Of Flounder
Mayonnaise With Whipped Cream
Meat Blintzes
Meat Croquettes
Meat Dressing For Poultry
Meat Olives
Meat Pie
Meat Substitutes
Milk And Cheese Soup
Milk Lemonade
Milk Or Cream Toast
Milk Or Potato Noodles
Milk, Or Cream Soup
Mina (turkish)
Mince Pie
Minced Goose Sandwiches
Mint Sauce
Mixed Pickles
Mocha Frosting
Mocha Mousse
Mocha Torts
Mock Cherry Pie
Mock Chile Con Carne
Mock Duck
Mock Fish Chowder
Mock Mince Pie
Mock Olives
Mock Turtle Soup
Mock Whipped Cream Filling
Mohn (poppy Seed) Roley Poley
Mohn Wachtel
Monterey Salad
Mother's Dill Pickles
Mulled Wine
Mulligatawny Soup
Mushroom And Barley Soup
Mushroom Catsup
Musk Melons
Mustard Dressing
Mustard Pickles
Mustard Sauce
Mutton Broth
Mutton Or Lamb Chops
Nahit (russian Peas)
Napkin Pudding
Neapolitan Jelly
Neapolitan Salad
Nesselrode Pudding
New Potatoes
Niagara Salad
Noodle Kugel
Noodle Pudding
Noodle Puffs
Noodle Schalet
Noodle Soup
Noodles And Apples
Noodles And Mushrooms
Noodles With Butter
Noodles With Cheese
Nut And Cheese Relish
Nut And Raisin Sandwiches
Nut Cake
Nut Honey Cake
Nut Icing
Nut Loaf
Nut Roast
Nut Salad
Nutmeg Cakes (pfeffernuesse)
Oatmeal Porridge
Oatmeal With Cheese
Okra Gumbo Soup (southern)
Old-fashioned Lebkuchen
Olive Sandwiches
Omelet SoufflÉ
One Egg Cake
One-egg Waffles
Onion Sauce
Onion Soup
Orange Cake
Orange Chips
Orange Fritters
Orange Ice
Orange Icing
Orange Marmalade
Other Fruit Juices
Oxtail Soup
Oyster Plant--salsify
Palestine Soup
Pan Roast Beef
Paprika Carp
Parve Cookies
Parve, Cookie And Pie Dough
Pea PurÉe
Peach Butter
Peach Cocktail
Peach Compote
Peach Cream Pie
Peach Cream Tarts
Peach Dumplings
Peach Kuchen
Peach Pie, No. 1
Peach Pie, No. 2
Peach Pudding
Peach Shortcake
Peach Syrup
Peanut And Rice Croquettes
Pear Dumpling (birne Kloesse)
Pear Kugel
Pepper And Cheese Salad
Pepper Mangoes
Pepper Salad
Peppers Stuffed With Meat
Peppers Stuffed With Nuts
Pesach Borsht
Pesach Cake With Walnuts
Peter Pan Dessert
Pickle For Salmon
Pickle Sauce
Pickled Beans
Pickled Beef Tongue
Pickled Beets
Pickled Cauliflower
Pickled Crab-apples
Pickled Figs
Pickled Husk Tomatoes
Pickled Onions
Pickled Peaches
Pickled Pears
Pickled Plums
Pie Crust
Pie Crust (merberteig)
Pigeon Pie
Pigeon Soup
Pike With Egg Sauce
Pilaf (russian Style)
Pilaf (turkish Style)
Pineapple And Banana Cocktail
Pineapple Fritters
Pineapple Ice
Pineapple Lemonade
Pineapple Pie, No. 1
Pineapple Pie, No. 2
Pineapple SoufflÉ
Pineapple, No. 1
Pineapple, No. 2
Pistachio Cream
Plain Bunt Or Napf Kuchen
Plain Frosting
Plain Omelet
Plain Wafers
Plum Conserve, No. 1
Plum Conserve, No. 2
Plum Knoedel (hungarian)
Plum Pie
Plum Pudding, No. 2
Poached Egg Sandwiches
Poached Or Dropped Eggs
Pocket Books
Pot Roast. Braised Beef
Potato Balls With Parsley
Potato Bread
Potato Cake
Potato Cakes
Potato Cakes
Potato Croquettes
Potato Flour Noodles
Potato Flour Pudding
Potato Flour Sponge Cake
Potato Marbles
Potato Pancakes
Potato Pudding
Potato Puff
Potato Ribbon
Potato Salad, No. 1
Potato Salad, No. 2
Potato Salad, No. 3
Potato Schalet
Potato Soup
Potato Stuffing
Potato Surprise
Potato-rye Bread
Potatoes (hungarian Style)
Potatoes And Corn
Potatoes And Pears
Potatoes Au Gratin
Potatoes For Twenty People
Potatoes With Caraway Seeds
Pound Cake
Pound Cake, One Hour.
Prepared Mustard
Preparing Salt
Preserved Blackberries
Preserved Cherries
Preserved Damson Plums
Preserved Figs
Preserved Peaches
Preserved Pineapple
Preserved Quinces
Preserved Strawberries
Pressed Chicken
Prince Albert Pudding
Prune And Raisin Pie
Prune Blintzes
Prune Cake (kuchen)
Prune Custard
Prune Pie
Prune Pudding
Prune Pudding
Prune Sauce
Prune SoufflÉ
Prune Whip
Prunes Without Sugar
Pudding À La Grande Belle
Puff Paste Or Blaetter Teig
Puffs (purim)
Pumpkin Pie
Punch Ices
PurÉe Of Celeriac
Purim Cakes
Quark Strudel (dutch Cheese)
Queen Bread Pudding
Queen Fritters
Queen Of Trifles
Quick Coffee Cake
Quick Lemonade
Quince Cheese
Quince Jelly
Rahm Strudel
Raisin And Rhubarb Pie
Raisin Bread
Raisin Compote
Raisin Or Currant Buns
Raisin Pie
Raisin Sauce
Raisin Stuffing
Raisin Wine, No. 1
Raisin Wine, No. 2
Ramekins Of Egg And Cheese
Raspberries And Currants
Raspberries And Currants
Raspberry And Currant Jelly
Raspberry Cocktail
Raspberry Ice
Raspberry Jam
Raspberry Jelly
Raspberry Vinegar
Reception Cocoa
Red Cabbage
Red Mullet In Cases
Red Pepper CanapÉs
Red Wine Soup
Redsnapper With Tomato Sauce
Rendered Butter
Rhubarb And Orange Marmalade
Rhubarb Pie
Rhubarb Pudding
Rhubarb Sauce
Ribbon Sandwiches
Rice And Cheese
Rice And Nut Loaf
Rice Broth
Rice Croquettes, No. 1
Rice Croquettes, No. 2
Rice Custard
Rice In Milk
Rice Kugel
Rice Muffins
Rice Pudding
Rice Strudel
Rice With Grated Chocolate
Ripe Tomatoes
Roast Beef (russian Style)
Roast Beef, No. 1
Roast Beef, No. 2
Roast Chicken
Roast Duck
Roast Goose
Roast Goose Breasts
Roast Mutton With Potatoes
Roast Potatoes
Roast Sweet Potatoes
Roast Turkey
Roast Veal
Roasted Chestnuts
Rolled Beef--pot-roasted
Rolled Oats Bread
Rosel, Beet Vinegar
Rothe Gritze
Rum Omelet
Rum Pudding
Rum Sauce
Russian Dressing
Russian Fish Cakes
Russian Fruit Salad
Russian Goulash
Russian Iced Tea
Russian Punch Torte
Russian Salad
Russian Sandwiches
Russian Tea Cakes
Rye Bread (american) No. 1
Rye Bread Pudding
Rye Bread Torte
Rye Bread, No. 2
Rye Flour Muffins
Salmon Cutlets
Salmon Loaf
Salmon Salad
Salt Herring
Salt Pickles
Salted Almonds
Salted Peanuts
Sand Torte
Saratoga Chips
Sardellen, Or Herring Sauce
Sardine CanapÉs
Sardine Sandwiches
Sauce Agristoga
Sauce Bordelaise
Sauce Hollandaise
Sauce Piquante
Sauce Tartare
Sauce Vinaigrette
SautÉd Cornmeal Mush
SautÉd Fish
SautÉd Mushrooms
Savory Macaroni
Savoy Cabbage
Savoy Cabbage With Rice
Scalloped Cauliflower
Scalloped Eggs
Scalloped Eggs (fleischig)
Scalloped Fish Roe
Scalloped Fish, No. 1
Scalloped Fish, No. 2
Scalloped Mushrooms
Scalloped Noodles And Prunes
Scalloped Onions
Scalloped Peaches
Scalloped Potatoes, No. 1
Scalloped Potatoes, No. 2
Scalloped Salsify
Scalloped Tomatoes
Schalet Dough (merber Deck)
Schwem Kloesse
Scrambled Eggs
Scrambled Eggs With Brains
Scrambled Eggs With Sausage
Scrambled Matzoth
Serve Hot.
Serve In Their "jackets."
Seven Layer Schalet
Shabbas Kugel
Shad Roe
Shad, April To June.
Shavings (kraus-gebackenes)
Sherry Cobbler
Short Rib Of Beef, Spanish
Shoulder Of Mutton Stuffed
Simmered Carrots
Slaitta (roumanian)
Small Dill Pickles
Small Mohn Cakes
Small Sponge Cakes
Smoked Beef
Smoked Goose
Smoked Goose Breast
Smoked Tongue
Smothered Chicken
Smothered Tongue
Snip Noodles, Fried
Snowballs (hesterliste)
Soda Cream
Soup Meat
Soup Stock
Sour Buttered Beets
Sour Cream Dressing
Sour Cream Kolatchen
Sour Milk Biscuits
Sour Milk Cookies
Sour Milk Pancakes
Sour Milk Soup
Sour Soup (for Purim)
Sour Spatzen
Soused Herring
Spaetzlen Or Spatzen
Spaghetti And Meat
Spanish Beans
Spanish Cauliflower
Spanish Liver
Spanish Omelet
Spanish Onion Rarebit
Spanish Pie
Spanish Rice
Spanish Sauce
Spice Cake
Spice Roll
Spiced Cucumbers
Spiced German Plums
Spiced Grapes
Spiced Or Pickled Apples
Spiced Or Pickled Cherries
Spinach Soup
Spinach With Cream Sauce
Split Pea Soup (milchig)
Sponge Cake
Sponge Cake, No. 1
Sponge Cake, No. 2
Sponge Dumplings
Squab En Casserole
Squabs, Or Nest Pigeons
Squash Fritters
Squash Salad (turkish Style)
Steamed Berry Pudding
Steamed Prunes
Steamed Rice
Steamed Sweet Apples
Sterilizing Jars, Etc.
Stewed Cabbage
Stewed Cranberries
Stewed Goose, Piquante
Stewed Milt
Stewed Peppers
Stewed Potatoes
Stewed Potatoes With Onions
Stewed Potatoes, Sour
Stewed Prunes
Stewed Squash
Stewed Sweetbreads
Stewed Tomatoes
Stewed Veal
Strawberries À La "bridge"
Strawberries And Pineapple
Strawberries In The Sun
Strawberry Cocktail
Strawberry Jelly
Strawberry Pie
Strawberry Sherbet
String Bean Salad
String Beans (raw)
String Beans With Lamb
String Beans With Tomatoes
String Or Green Snap Beans
Strudel Aus Kalbslunge
Stuffed Cucumbers
Stuffed Dates
Stuffed Eggs
Stuffed Figs
Stuffed Goose Neck
Stuffed Herring
Stuffed Peppers
Stuffed Potatoes
Stuffed Prunes
Stuffed Shoulder Of Veal
Stuffed Tomatoes
Stuffed Tomatoes
Stuffed Yellow Tomatoes
Suet Pudding With Pears
Sugar Cookies
Sugar Peas
Sugar Syrup
Sunshine Cake
Surprise Sandwiches
Sweet Almond Omelet
Sweet And Sour Fish
Sweet Blintzes
Sweet EntrÉe Of Ripe Peaches
Sweet Omelet
Sweet Omelet For One
Sweet Pickles
Sweet Potato Croquettes
Sweet Potato Pie
Sweet Potato Pudding
Sweet Potatoes And Apples
Sweet Rice
Sweet Sour Beans
Sweet Sour Beans And Linzen
Sweet Sour Fish
Sweet Sour Fish With Wine
Sweetbread Croquettes
Sweetbread Salad
Swiss Chard
Swiss Creamed Fish
Tapioca Custard
Tchorba--turkish Soup
Tea (russian Style)
Tea Rolls
Teufelsgurken (hot Pickles)
Three-egg Waffles
Time-table For Baking Cakes
Tipsy Pudding
To Bake Cakes
To Boil Cabbage
To Bone Fish
To Broil Steak By Gas
To Clean Fish
To Cover Jelly Glasses
To Dress And Clean Poultry
To Keep Egg Yolks
To Make And Bake A Meringue
To Make Bread
To Make White Hard Soap
To Open Fish
To Preserve Eggs
To Skin Fish
To Stuff Poultry
To Truss A Chicken
Toasted Cheese Sandwiches
Tom And Jerry (non-alcoholic)
Tomato Catsup
Tomato Custards
Tomato PurÉe
Tomato Sauce
Tomato Sauce (chili)
Tomato Soup
Tomato Soup With Rice
Tomato With Egg
Tomatoes With Rice
Tripe À La Creole
Tripe, Family Style
Turkey Soup
Turkish Coffee
Tutti-frutti Ice Cream
Unboiled Icing
Unfermented Grape Juice
Utensils For Jelly Making
Vanilla Cookies
Vanilla Extract
Vanilla Ice Cream, No. 1
Vanilla Ice Cream, No. 2
Vanilla Or Cream Sauce
Variety Bread
Veal Croquettes
Veal Loaf
Veal Salad
Veal Sandwiches
Veal Soup
Veal Sweetbreads (fried)
Vegetable Fritters
Vegetable Hash
Vegetable Meat Pie
Vegetable Soup
Vegetable Soup (milchig)
Vienna Pastry For Kipfel
Vienna Prater Cake
Vienna Sausage
Vinegar Pie
Waldorf Salad
Walnut Torte, No. 1
Walnut Torte, No. 2
Water-lily Salad
Watermelon Pickle
Watermelon Sherbet
Welsh Rarebit
Wheat Cereals
Wheat Muffins
Whipped Cream
Whipped Cream Pie
White Bread
White Cake
White Caramel Icing
White Caviar
White Fondant
White Mayonnaise
White Nut Bread
White Sauce (for Vegetables)
White Sauce Omelet
White Stock
Wiener Braten--vienna Roast
Wiener Kartoffel Kloesse
Wiener Kipfel
Wiener Studenten Kipfel
Wine Sauce
Wine Sauce, No. 1
Wine Sauce, No. 2
Yeast Krantz
Yom-tov Soup
Zuemimo Sauce
Zwieback Torte
Zwiebel Matzoth
Zwiebel Platz

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