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(Steamed Puddings) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Beat the yolks of four eggs very light with one-half cup of sugar; then
add one-half cup of grated walnuts or almonds, one-half cup of grated
white bread crumbs, then the stiffly-beaten whites of four eggs. Put in
pudding form and steam from one and one-half to two hours. Serve with
wine or fruit sauce.

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Take the whites of seven eggs with the yolks of ten, one-half pound of
pulverized sweet almonds with one-half ounce of pounded bitter almonds,
one-half pound of powdered sugar and one tablespoon of orange-flower
water. Beat the eggs well with the orange water, then add the sugar and
almonds gradually; beat all for one hour or until it bubbles; then
grease deep pie-dishes with olive oil and pour in the mixture. They must
be baked in a rather moderate oven. When the mixture is set and browned
place over them a paper greased with olive oil to prevent them getting
dark. Serve cold.
Powdered sugar should be sprinkled freely over the pudding before
serving. If you wish to have them very rich boil one-half pound of sugar
with one-half pint of water until it thickens; cool and pour over the
pudding when you take it from the oven.

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Take one pound blanched almonds pounded, eight eggs, cinnamon, and lemon
rind. Beat the eggs for twenty minutes, then add one and one-half cups
of sugar gently, and then the almonds; mix all together thoroughly. Bake
in shallow pans and serve cold.

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French Almond Pudding.

Cook 2 cups of white dried beans with salt and pepper until very soft;
press through a colander. Fry 1 onion in 2 tablespoonfuls of butter
until brown; mix with the beans. Add 1 tablespoonful of vinegar, 1
teaspoonful of made mustard, some lemon-juice and 2 tablespoonfuls of
molasses. Let all get very hot and serve with pork roast.

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A quarter of a pound of cocoa-nut, grated.
A quarter of a pound of powdered white sugar.
Three ounces and a half of fresh butter.
The whites only of six eggs.
A table-spoonful of wine and brandy mixed.
Half a tea-spoonful of rose-water.
Break up a cocoa-nut, and take the thin brown skin carefully off,
with a knife. Wash all the pieces in cold water, and then wipe
them dry, with a clean towel. Weigh a quarter of a pound of
cocoa-nut, and grate it very fine, into a soup-plate.
Stir the butter and sugar to a cream, and add the liquor and
rose-water gradually to them.
Beat the whites only, of six eggs, till they stand alone on the
rods; and then stir the beaten white of egg, gradually, into the
butter and sugar. Afterwards, sprinkle in, by degrees, the grated
cocoa-nut, stirring hard all the time. Then stir all very well at
the last.
Have ready a puff-paste, sufficient to cover the bottom, sides,
and edges of a soup-plate. Put in the mixture, and bake it in a
moderate oven, about half an hour.
Grate loaf-sugar over it, when cool.

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Almond Pudding


One pint of milk, two eggs, two heaping tablespoons of maple sugar, one

heaping tablespoon of cornstarch, flavor with almond; cook milk, sugar,

and cornstarch in double boiler, adding yolks of eggs when boiling; pour

into pudding dish, cover with whites of the eggs, and brown in oven, to

be served cold.

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Almond Pudding

Turn boiling water on three-quarters of a pound of sweet almonds. Let

them remain in it till the skins will slip off easily--rub the skins off

with a dry cloth. When they are perfectly dry, pound them fine, with a

table-spoonful of rosewater. Beat six eggs to a froth, then mix them

with four table-spoonsful of powdered sugar--put them into a quart of

milk, with three table-spoonsful of pounded crackers, a quarter of a

pound of melted butter, four ounces of citron, and the pounded almonds.

Line a pudding dish with pastry, put round it a rim of puff paste, turn

in the pudding, and bake it about half an hour. The pudding should be

eaten cold.

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Almond Pudding No 1

Blanch half a pound of sweet almonds, with four bitter ones; pound them

in a marble mortar, with two spoonfuls of orange-flower water, and two

spoonfuls of rose-water; mix in four grated Naples biscuits, and half a

pound of melted butter. Beat eight eggs, and mix them with a pint of

cream boiled; grate in half a nutmeg, and a quarter of a pound of sugar.

Mix all well together, and bake it with a paste at the bottom of the


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Almond Pudding No 2

Take a pound of almonds, ground very small with a little rose-water and

sugar, a pound of Naples biscuits finely grated, the marrow of six bones

broken into small pieces--if you have not marrow enough, put in beef

suet finely shred--a quarter of a pound of orange-peel, a quarter of

citron-peel, cut in thin slices, and some mace. Take twenty eggs, only

half as many whites; mix all these well together. Boil some cream, let

it stand till it is almost cold; then put in as much as will make your

pudding tolerably thick. You may put in a very few caraway seeds and a

little ambergris, if you like.

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Almond Pudding No 3

Two small wine glasses of rose-water, one ounce of isinglass, twelve

bitter almonds, blanched and shred; let it stand by the fire till the

isinglass is dissolved; then put a pint of cream, and the yolks of six

eggs, and sweeten to the taste. Set it on the fire till it boils; strain

it through a sieve; stir it till nearly cold; then pour it into a mould

wetted with rose-water.

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